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  1. I've been studying a lot from books. More specifically, only certain moves, for hours. Following books like card college, I'm happy with the progress. But, every time I get handed a deck when actually performing, I eventually run out of ideas for performing. I usually start off with card to mouth, some triump
    h, acaan and that kind of stuff. But, soon, I simply start to run out of ideas. So, I need some suggestions as to how to build a proper repertoire, as well as how to properly study not just the moves, but some tricks from the books I have. Also, could anyone give me recommendations for books that teach some really strong routines? Not something easy, intermediate to advanced is fine. Thank you.
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  2. The strongest routines are ones you create and tweak with for years. That’s my opinion at lease.

    As far as books go would suggest Bobo’s mainly because I am a coin guy and I feel my magic overall got better while practicing coin magic. the most important part of that book is the routine section in the back of the book.

    If you are looking at card stuff then Expert Card Technique is a go to. I honestly believe if you are reading Card College then there is more than enough information in there to keep you going for a while.

    Maybe pick up a book called Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz. Start reading theory and think about plots in magic. You don’t need to fry the audience with more magic than they can take in. Especially if it is semi Impromptu and they are not paying for a show.

    You are saying you start off with Card to Mouth and then to Triumph and then to Acaan? That’s a lot of strong effects to start with. I would suggest you begin with smaller effects that build to one of those more powerful ones. Then you have a few routines with the powerful effects as closers. Hope that makes sense.

    Go out and perform for lay people and realize that the closing effects are not always time efficient for the scenario.

    As far as card tricks go for routines I think the rule of 3 is the best. Example: Brute Force Opener is an excellent short 3 phase routine.

    I personally stick to basic stuff for lay audience, since you are probably going to be the first magician they have ever seen. I’m also a bit lazy when doing magic outside of gigs or my work. Any who I hope that helps, and I hope it makes sense.
  3. Thank a lot! I didn't really look into Expert Card Technique that much before.
  4. Honestly, Ambitious Card. Magicians hate it because they say it is overdone but it is One of the hardest hitting effects I perform with cards. I start off by having the card come to the top, then let them do it, then the card jumps to my mouth, then my pocket, then under the card case, then to some impossible location. It builds to a climax and gets great reactions. Best part is it can be as short or long as you want and can fit nicely anywhere in your routine.

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