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  1. Ok so Im not a huge coin guy but I do enjoy the occasional coin wizardry. So I decided to work on a new coin routine that utilizes an expanded shell and set out to get a new Kennedy half dollar shell. I dont do enough coin work to shell out the bread for a Lassen or Schoolcraft so after some reading it was down to either a Johnson or Kueppers. I mostly went with Kueppers because he has a site and Johnson does not. I prefer to purchase things directly. On with the review....

    I purchased his Magic shop series Kennedy half dollar expanded shell. It cost about $38.00.
    I was VERY impressed. The amount of work that went into this gaff is very obvious. I detect NO distortion on the face of the shell, setting this down next to my other coin its almost impossible to pick out the gaff. My coins nest into it very deep as well, it almost covers the entire coin. I imagine getting a shell set from him would be even better.
    As for customer service it was great. About a week after purchasing it and not receiving a shipping confirmation I emailed him. He very promptly emailed back letting me know that it had shipped that monday and that I would receive it soon. I got it that day.
    All in all it is a great gaff and I highly recommend him for affordable quality coin shells. Any question or comments are welcome.

  2. Sweet man. Hope you enjoy that. That's really nice to hear because I just ordered one off the internet. Now I won't feel so uneasy about whether it's good or not.

    Have fun! ;D
  3. My shell from Roy leaves much to be desired, it leaves much of the "covered" coin uncovered.

    I have never had a good relationship with Roy. I had ordered a Vodka and Orange juice from him as well as a $1.35 trick. I got the $1.35 trick, but the components did not seat properly and would rattle...I don't think that would have fooled any spectator. I had ordered the Vodka and OJ from him because I was not happy with the one I had gotten from Daytona Magic...I thought Roy could do much better.

    I waited one month, two months, etc., to get the V & O. I emailed him and left messages for him. He finally wrote back and said it had simply slipped through the cracks and he would send on out right away if I would resubmit my address to him. Another month and another month...nothing. I emailed him again and called again. I got a friend of his involved, but no luck. After more than six months I wrote him and told him to keep his coins and my money because it was no longer worth the aggravation. He did not even bother to write back to try to explain why he is such a poor customer service person. If he had simply tried to explain whatever problems he was having, I would have been patient past that six month period.

    I guess that is the thing about screwing over a creates a long memory.

    I have since ordered the 3CM and the .50c folding coin from Schoolcraft. Sure it cost a great deal, but dang!!!!!, they are perfect examples of craftsmanship.

    Take it easy,

  4. That's the thing about customer service. I think the saying goes...

    "If you do a good job, they tell one or two friends and are over it. If you screw up though, they tell ALL THEIR FRIENDS and NEVER let it go!"
  5. Steve,

    Actually, in over a year, I think that is the first time I have shared that online. I always hesitate since he has a great relationship with some of our people, and we sell some of his products. The difference is, we have his product in the warehouse, and it is going to get to the customer.

  6. Justin,

    I just have one quick comment/suggestion based on my findings in using shells. Grab a patch of the foil from the inside of a cigarette pack and fit it into the underside of the shell to cut down on the talking the coin does when moving it into place. I have also found that juggling the shell around this deadens some of the ting due to the thin nature of the gaff. I know some guys have gone the route of using teflon tape but the tape takes up too much room and causes the shelled coin to show a bit more than I would like. All in all take it for what it's worth it's just something I learned from Justin Miller awhile back and has worked great for me since then.

  7. Jim and all.
    I think this is one of the best secrets us coin guys should hold really eliminates the tingy sound and when soft palming a regular coin into the shell it makes like 0 sound.

    Glad to hear you still use this Jim...but I cannot take credit for it. It was shown to me by a passer by at a convention. BEST thing I learned that week!

    Justin N. Miller
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  8. Yeah this is one of those things that is such a no-brainer to have in place that there is no real excuse for not doing it aside from not knowing.


    p.s. Silver Dream insights = crazy....After getting over the intimidation of watching you do it I finally had the guts to break down and buy it and put the effort into trying to learn it. I am having better luck with it so far, well better luck than that deck flip I never could master =(
  9. Jim,
    I am so glad you are enjoying it..and the majority I have found are quite comfortable with the sleeving...
    Justin N. Miller
  10. Hey thanks for the tip! I will most definitely give it a try. Does it have to be foil from a pack of smokes or will "food" foil work( I dont smoke)? Is it like a paper/foil type of thing?
  11. food foil works just as well.

    Justin N. Miller

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