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  1. I have recently purchased BentTouchSlink, and my favorite effect from it is Slink. The dvd has inspired me to start performing some rubber band magic. Right now what I know is Slink, and Crazy Mans Handcuffs, does anyone recommend any other sources for rubber band effects?
  2. Dan Harlan has a bunch of stuff on rubber bands, but i think once you have a good rubber band routine you dont really need anything else, I mean how much rubber band magic can one man do:p?
  3. Daniel Garcia has a great routine in his lecture notes called Next.

    Also, there is a ring onto rubberband routine called Pinnacle. It's rather pricy for one effect but, it's great. Read some of the reviews.

    Another DVD I've heard great things about is LINK! By Nabil Murday. There's numerous effects on there with tons of handlings from different people. Once again reviews say it all.

    Those are some resources I recommend.
  4. I too am very interested with rubber band magic:p. So LINK! this a good dvd?;)
  5. there's missing link in the 1on1 section here by Chris Kenner
  6. Daniel Garcia Project I believe has a rubber band thingy, at least one..
  7. My favorites are...

    Rubber Made by Daniel Garcia- The Daniel Garcia Project.

    Missing Link by Chris Kenner- Missing Link 1on1 and Totally Out of Control.

    Crazy man's Handcuffs by ???- bentTOUCHslink and many places.

    Slink by Daniel Garcia- bentTOUCHslink


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