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  1. Hey gang,

    In march I will be heading out to San Francisco for a week. Google has informed me that there are two magic shops there, but I'm curious if anyone has any more information about any shows out there. Anyone from out that way?
  2. I live about two hours from the Bay Area but I visit often.

    Anyway, I'm not sure about shows in San Fran really. I think there are a couple magic dinner theaters or something but I've never been to them. However, I can tell you about the two magic shops.

    Houdini's Magic Shop is on Pier 39 and I honestly dislike it a lot. It's not really a magic shop for magicians. It's for tourists, which is understandable given it's location. The tricks are overpriced, the employees are often disinterested or jerks and they don't really care if a young customer will be able to perform a trick (Because it's difficult or something), just getting their parents to buy it for them because it looks cool. I'd check it out but overall not very good.

    Misdirections is definitely a magic shop for magicians. The owner is hit or miss though. I thought he was pretty nice. As a magician you might like him, but I've noticed (as have people on Yelp) that the owner is kind of a jerk to non-magicians. There are even stories of him being a jerk to fellow magicians.

    Anyway, enjoy your time in SF! It's a great city with lots to see and do!
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  3. Thanks! Ya just looking on their websites, I can tell which one seems to be touristy.

    I'm curious about the Jay Alexander show. Seems interesting
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  4. I live in the Bay Area. I don't know about any shows. I don't watch any in San Francisco. I have been to both shops. Misdirections is a nice little spot. The dude really is hit or miss. Catch him on a good day and you're good to go. Since you'll be in the area (Sunset district 9th street) I'd suggest you eat at San Tungs (inbetween 11th and 12th street) restaurant and try out their famed dry chicken rub. Wait is going to be really long though depending on when you go. Parking is also pretty difficult.

    It's worth the wait though, and after your disappointment at Misdirections, you'll need something to make you feel like you didn't waste your time while over there.

  5. Haha that's awesome. I will absolutely try that! Thanks
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  6. BTW. If you really do go, it says Dry Chicke Rub, but it is actually saucy. I know...
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