Saturday Night Contest - 10 Decks for 10K

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  3. Hope I made it 7:30 your time D:
  4. Alright guys, time for the results! Fantastic entries this week; truly inspiring! We had a ton of fun going through each one and seeing all of the different quotes that mean a lot to you all. But without further ado, let's get to the winner.

    We felt that the winner this week was the most memorable. Of all entries we kept coming back to this one. It was simple, direct, and to the point. We also liked how the picture matched the quote perfectly. With that said, congrats to MagicKhalaf for taking home the prize! Congrats! Please send an email to our Support Team and they will hook you up with your prize.

    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to participate this week - we can't wait to see what you all have got in store for us this Saturday when we kick off another contest! :)
  5. Hey CaseyRudd ,

    Im glad you liked my picture :) and I won the contest !

    Thanks a lot :) !!


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