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Jul 23, 2007
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Hope everyone is having a great weekend! In the newest episode of Exposé, we announced that theory11 is now on Vine, the new video app by Twitter. In Vine, you can post 6 second videos of whatever you want to share with your friends. Basically, it's like Instagram for videos. But they're all six seconds or less.

This week's contest is inspired by that concept. Your challenge this week is to make a video involving magic or cardistry, but there's a catch: your video must be 6 seconds or less. Your challenge is to make the most engaging, creative video with that limitation in mind. Your video could showcase magic, cardistry, or both - the sky is the limit. Limit of TWO submissions per member.

Videos should be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or Vine, with the link posted in response to THIS forum thread. You do NOT need an iPhone or Vine to participate - you can film your video with whatever camera you want, and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo.

The only requirement is that your video must be 6 seconds or less, and it has to involve magic or cardistry in some way. The more creative, the better. The deadline is TOMORROW (Sunday) at 7:30pm EST. The winner will be announced on or before 11:00pm EST tomorrow.

What's the prize? Love is still in the air, so the prize this week is a brick of Love Me Playing Cards and ANY effect you choose on The Wire.

UPDATE: Time is up, and the deadline has passed! Our winner will be announced on or before 11:00pm EST tonight.
Submission 1:

Submission 2:
submission 2 says its seven seconds but on my computer it says its 6
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Oct 18, 2011
228 have your video as private...change it to public to let the judges watch it...
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