Saturday Night Contest : A Dangerous Caption

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  1. 3. Three... Two... One... DRAW!
  2. Submission 3: Whoa. Dana IS a girl's name...
  3. In more recent news, the T11 cameraman was previously involved in the making of several spaghetti westerns.

    The incredible DVD has multiple camera angles including over-the-shoulder, spectator's point of view, and between-the-legs.

    Big brother is watching...
  5. The contest is over! Everybody cross your fingers and good luck folks.
  6. first caption: And now for something totally different.
    second caption: Wait did Daniel Madison shrink
  7. This is gonna be close (as always). I saw some very good submissions. Good luck to everyone. =)
  8. saturday night contest

    how do we know who the winners are for these contest?
  9. third caption: That is Danna's Guitar Hero stance
  10. Too late already, thanks anyways
  11. Oh my god! That was hellla good!
  12. They'll post it in the SNC thread when they choose.

    Usually happens around 11:30 - 11:45 pm EST.

  13. That one is total P0wnage
  14. More ownage than before...

  15. That last one makes me want to puke...
  16. This one makes me want to keep commenting on peoples posts.


  17. what time is it in EST?
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  19. Entry 1.


    Not many people knew of daniel madison's effect 'wrath'. (For various reasons, and dm's overall contribution to 'Indecent' by Wayne Houchin, wrath was taken off the net.)

    All i can say was... it included a reveal, a hole, and lots of rubbing. For certian reasons we can only show you this screenshot, of which shows the start of the trialor that once existed.

  20. This is a little late for an entry...

    The time is now 11:36 EST. When will the results be up?

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