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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Okay, so today is a holiday in my country and I have a lot of free time so i will try my best this time.. after more than 10 times joining SNC every week since December 2014 (not won yet) i will give my best today :D
    so i do a little experiment with my card, first i want to make something like @CardStories make, something 3D. But i can't even cut them properly, it was too hard, everytime i cut a line beside my another line they will automatically connect each other, and that was frustrating.
    so i know i can't make it, i try another things.

    And i come up with this

    And i try to add some super-mega-hypervisual blood..

    This is the original card

    I want to know which one you think best

    Full Album :
  2. Hey! I appreciate it! I try to enter as many of these as I can--especially the creative challenges. That's when the crazy ideas come out.

    If you have a similar idea, go for it! Go with your gut! Go the high brow route with your Mona Lisa
  3. Getting a late start on this, but can we post more than one entry?
  4. Can't wait to see what you come up with, but yes. Start NOW! This challenge is deceptively time consuming!
  5. I didn't realise a portrait of a guy in drag was high brow. :p (Yes I know, that theory is unproven and likely false, but I still like it)
  6. Here's my entry! It's a butterfly, made out of a single playing card; all folds and cuts and I just drew the eyes to make it look more comical. I just added a stand made out of balsa. Hope you guys like it! :)
    Photo 19-07-15 23 18 45.jpg
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  8. If I had a laser cutter like that I'd go nuts and make tons of cards like that. :eek:
  9. Compass.

    Late but still on time, I wanted to make sure the shot was perfect and here is my take on this with one of the greatest decks T11 ever produced. Good luck Everyone.

  10. This is definitely fun doing. Here is my entry. 56 cards cut from a single playing card (Jack of Hearts). #theory11 #snc #contestentry #seriousmagic

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  11. I don't have an Instagram so I will post it here. Fun contest. Here is my entry

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  12. Getting in at the last minute here...

    Wow, a lot of tough competition! I see a few that are making me envious! After changing ideas many times, here's what I've got. A butterfly cut from Tallys that had seen better days.

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  13. There are very very good entries ... i think the winner will be between these two
    Good luck :)
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  14. I'm guessing this one is tough to judge just like every other creative SNC.
  15. It is a tough one, but it's a picture contest. Those usually get decided on Sunday. At least, I've never seen one go all the way into Monday
  16. I'm guessing we will be delivered a verdict in around five hours time. It's not a video competition so it's easier to review submissions. I must say that this contest covered a wide variety of possible content (cutting, drawing, pasting, folding, etc) so that's the only thing I could see them getting stuck on.

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