Saturday Night Contest - Are You Psycho?


ceo / theory11
Team member
Jul 23, 2007
New York City
Time is up, and the results are in! Many of you accurately read my mind and determined the correct prediction. BUT - only one of you was first. The correct animal I wrote down was a sloth! And the first member to correctly predict this result was Shea, who will be taking home the prize tonight! Shea wins 1,000 Elite Member Points, a six-pack of Animal Kingdom Playing Cards, and Spidey's first official download on theory11: Psycho.

Congrats to Shea, and thanks to everyone who participated in tonight's event. Have a great weekend, and stay tuned this Monday at 11:00am EST for another new release - our second release in the New Year. Very hopeful that you will Love it, just in time for Valentine's Day!
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