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  1. Because i typed it wrong but okay
  2. Haha, good stuff.
  3. Time is up, and the results are in. VERY impressive submissions by everyone this week. Really phenomenal. We expected only a few submissions this week, as The Pass is a very technical move that is not easy to execute smoothly. I was wrong. You guys knocked it out of the park, with many submissions showing remarkable technique and smooth, fluid execution. Really great.

    This week's competition was judged by the one and only Jason England. We reviewed every submission carefully, and coming up with just one winner was a very difficult mission. But without further ado, our results: this week's winner, taking home the prize, is CharlesLF. Congratulations! Charles takes home 1,000 Elite Member Points, 6 decks of Monarchs, and our latest download by Jason England: The Herrmann Pass.

    We'd like to extend a special honorable mention to Sashacrespi, Joey144, NJillusionist3 - and many other members who demonstrated smooth, natural moves with exceptional polish. Stay tuned next week for another SNC challenge!
  4. Congratz to the winner xD
  5. I guess he can pass like a boss! Congrats.
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    I guess someone probably found out the same move before me, since it's pretty simple. However from my point of view it is because I came up with the two controls while practicing the Ego Change (I use that move a lot).
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    Wow I am really surprised but happy to be chosen since there was some very solid passes in the bunch.

    Good job to everyone and thanks to Jason an TH11 ! :)
  8. I love that. It's something that must be published somewhere.. since there are so many variations on that idea; i really like the simplicity of it though. Well done man.

    Charles, unreal passes my friend. It looks like video editing. (that's a compliment, not an accusation)
  9. Thanks Tyler !

    I do agree with you about Charles : if there was not that face down card I would defintely have thought of a double.

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