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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, May 3, 2008.

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    Ok so I have barely ever performed magic for people, but now I am going to do that and more. I am going to create a three minute routine (I would make it longer but I have very little time to do it.) of only tricks of my own creation, also if I can find time in school I will perform it.
  2. I am going to get serious about practicing magic. I'm going to practice for an hour a day, with all my best tricks, every day this week. Some kid came up to me today and was talking about magic and how T11 sucks :O and I had to face the fact that he was a better magician than me, so I was unable to stand up to him, even though I know more basic theory of magic, he had one trick that he had practiced quite well (and which I commend him for), so he stole the spotlight even though people figured out all his other tricks. He also sucked at patter and connecting with an audience. I don't ever want to be in a situation where someone can ridicule any magician/magic store that I like without me being able to say "well, here's something he (she, they) sell, and blow them away. It's not the pride factor per se, but I want to truly mystify people with magic, and lately I've only been pleasing myself. When you think about it, magic is actually pretty unselfish.
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    My Challenge for this week is to get my grades up..... but on the magic side

    I want' to create such a great performance that the people that I show it to will remember me for a long long.... time I will push myself to learn new tricks that I can do surrounded because I want to get about 50 to 100 people surrounding me all enjoying the magic this will take some New big bang tricks that I shall either create or fine in my collection that I haven't yet done

    --------Good Luck Everybody


    If I create a trick I will be making a video of it and making it a preview of the newest thing on Theory 11 haha
  4. Make Up A Trick!

    Though I'm a big fan of magic, I haven't had much experience performing, close-up or stage.

    What I'm planning to do is split up into a couple of parts:

    1) Create an effect, hopefully original, whether it be a simple pick your card to a full-fledged magic trick.
    2) Along with other effects (and that made-up trick), perform close-up magic, possibly street magic, during the week.
    3) Ideally perform during a rock climbing trip and a large party/dance this friday and saturday morning.
    4) Hopefully film/picture the events.. but otherwise I'll do my best to describe it!

    That's my plan! Thanks!
  5. First Street Magic To Complete Strangers

    Hello i have decided to do a street magic video. Now i do alot of it but this will be different in that i will be doing it to complete strangers. I usually do it for family friends or people I've seen around but never just walked down the street and done it so this will be interesting. Hope you like it !!! :D
  6. Man, I don't have time to do this...I have other plans for the upcoming weeks.

    Good luck to all of you guys!

  7. I plan to do mentalism, in a close-up situation. I usually dont do mentalism. I MIGHT perform an original effect by me depending on what i feel, but if I do the original effect it will not be full showed in the collection because I do not want to release it yet!!! :)
  8. i am (hopefully) going to make my first full fledged flourish video. and honestly i dont care if it sucks horribly, i just want to make some kind of name for myself.:)
  9. Mines simple. Hit the streets and draw a crowd of at least ten people.

    I have never really DRAWN a crowd of more than 4
  10. Well, I just started to work on vertigo hackysack today, no brag but I am pretty good at footbag, and so far its going good, I will try to transfer moves from footbag(hacky sack) to it, so jesters and stalls with cards to be seen soon:D

    wow I just tried to toe stall some cards, this is going to be tough....
  11. I have two different ideas. Possibly combine them, I'm not sure.

    1. I'm mildly comfortable performing for my friends one on one but I am definitely not comfortable around people I don't know. Especially big groups of people I don't know. So I plan to do multiple street performances for large groups of people I don't know. Very scary.

    2. I also have about an inch of patience in my entire body for teaching people stuff that they don't quite catch onto very quickly. So I plan to teach one of my best (and most awkward) friends a little XCM. He has maybe touched a deck of cards three times in his life. He's not a magician but is slightly intrigued in the art. Also he is left handed. I'm right. Pure frustration. By the end of the week I plan to make a video with him and actually be proud of the work. I'm crossin my fingers.

    Good luck everybody!
  12. 30 seconds on the clock....FLOURISHING! I never do it but i will this week and post a video at the end.
    Thank god i got this in with 10 seconds to spare
  13. i am going to script and make a 5-10 minute fully scripted routine, and i've never done anything like this before.
    PS: And i'm going to try to perform it for a group somehow... :S

    good luck everybody!
  14. Am I too late to post?

    I'd like to make my first magic video with a trick I've created myself.

    I hope I make it in, I love this idea!
  15. Here's my idea, I will shut up for a week on this forum!!!!

    It's 3 mins late, but who cares?
  16. The time now is 11:00pm EST, which means all submissions should sit above this forum post. Some great ideas in tonight - will be amazing to see everyone's results next Saturday. Be sure to capture your challenge as best possible, whether that be in video form (you can upload to Vimeo or YouTube), images, or even just a well worded description of what you did and why, and what you accomplished.

    A NEW forum thread will be created next week at 7:30pm EST by theory11 crew. All results must be included in that forum thread before 11:00pm EST next Saturday night. In the meantime, don't hesitate to get started. Push the limits. Challenge yourself. And you just may be surprised at what you can accomplish.
  17. Hey John. Great contest. I was just wondering, will there be a prize?
  18. Yes, on the first page.

    Split Spades Deck USED by Dan/Dave in the Split Spades preview.
    Signed Brown Wynns.
  19. I am actually going to go out and perform STREET MAGIC around town and do cards, coins, and other various stuff. I do mostly close-up or stage but I am going to try street magic. I will be at the park, mall, and various places and perform. I will try to get it on camera.
  20. I hate diferrent time zones
    when this was posted it was 2 in the morning

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