Saturday Night Contest: Crazy Cuts!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Nov 17, 2007.

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    heres mine!!!
    (last minute!!!!!)

    Calvin Lauber

    I call it
    "Build the wings to fly!!"

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  2. wow i like to CUT it close

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    crap. couldn't submit it in time.
  4. The contest deadline has been hit.

    The winners of the contest will be announced within 30 minutes on this very thread.

    This is going to be tough.

    Katie Egleston
  5. [​IMG]

    hope im not too late
  6. !!awww..........
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    Angel Skills

    Here's me and my competition entry.
    Hope you all like it.
    Even though I think i'm a tad late
    Sorry it's not a butterfly Katie :p

  8. 1) You didn't post an image.
    2) And you're too late.

    Better luck next time!
  9. WOW I WANT Jerry and that book!!!! AHHH:eek: I hope I win, even though mine didn't use tape etc.
  10. The card are not that big of a deal for me. I would really love it if i wont the book though. That would be really cool.
  11. hence the edit...

    I know, I know.
    So here's 2 others.


    Homage to t11

    Time zones messed me up by about 10 minutes.

    Credits to my brother Josh for taking the photos.

  12. I must say those are absolutely wonderful! :). If I were T11 I'd let your pictures be judged even if you were late.

  13. Its 11:30...

    We are still in the process of choosing a winner. BUT I can tell you who the FIRST RUNNER UP will be:

    The Illusionist.

    You will Receive a deck of 2nd Edition Guardians and A Wynn Deck.

    Congrats... But.. Stay tuned.

    Katie Egleston.
  14. 11:33?
    wheres the results
  15. ...............................................:confused:
  16. if its one of those people that taped there bodys with cards or did a display and wins imma be mad pissed
  17. Congrats bro! Hope I'm just as lucky! :D

    Oh...even though you didn't get first, you still WYNN! LOL!
  18. We have a second runner up:


    Who will also be getting a deck of 2nd Edition Guardians and A deck of Wynns.



    You will be getting a signed copy of Totally Out Of Control and some cards direct from the ChrisandKatie Batcave.

    Congrats to everyone!!!!!! See ya next week!
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