Saturday Night Contest - Defying Gravity

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    Hey everyone! We have an extra special contest this week inspired by the movie Gravity. Thanks to Sir Isaac Newton, we know that gravity is the force of attraction between two bodies as a function of their mass and distance. Definitions aside, gravity is the force that binds us to Earth and prevents us from floating off into space. Your job for this contest is to come up with a video that DEFIES gravity - levitation, suspension, floating, etc.

    Your effect doesn't have to be completely original, but creativity counts. So try and put your own spin on it - even if you're performing an existing effect. For example, what would Vertigo look like with an iPhone suspended instead of a deck? Think along those lines - the more creative, the better!

    Upload your videos to YouTube, Instagram, or Vimeo and post the link as a response to this forum thread on or before 7:30pm EST tomorrow - Sunday, October 20th. You have a full 24 hours to create your presentation, make your video, and WIN THIS THING.

    The winner will receive 1,000 Elite Member Points, Vertigo by Rick Lax, and a six pack of Love Me Playing Cards. The second place winner will get 500 Elite Member Points and an honorable mention.

    We can't wait to see your ideas! Good luck!

  2. Oooooh, this'll be fun. Can't wait!
  3. Good luck, everyone! Think outside the box - anything in defiance of gravity is fair game for this contest. Cards, coins, phones, keys, candles, gum, mints, or even yourself - levitation, suspension, or flotation. Go for it!
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    Gravity Defying Card Change

    I work night audit at the Hampton Inn and on some nights have some down time.. what better way to use that time after getting extra work done.. than to enter the Saturday night contest.. cause hey! I can use a few of the Love Cards :D[/URL]
  5. Here's my entry, not as good as i hoped but I ran out of loops.
    Slightly shaky/bouncy, it was my last loop and it snapped so I made do with what I had which required a bit of improv. Other takes were better but the card was slightly out of frame :/
    Watch in 720
  6. Also, sorry for the lousy music, didn't have time to edit so youtube had some soundtracks :/
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  8. Hey guys! Question: If you win a contest like this, in this case, one of the prizes are Vertigo by Rick Lax, and you already have bought the effect once, will you receive it again, or do you get to choose a different one, or do you just not receive that part of the prize?
    (I'm just asking, I haven't bought Vertigo, but I was just curious.)
  9. I know the video must be submit to vimeo or youtube but mine is too short so I have it on Instagram because the routine is not finish yet I called it "Poor man's dinner" but anyway enjoy :)
  10. Nice performance of Attraction by Laurent Mikelfield.
  11. ok now dont think that I could win...hope the judges/ viewers have a good laugh when they watch this video
  12. My entrance:
    This is something I came up with a while ago and I may try to get it to The Wire.
    - No strings or threads
    - No glue
    - Impromptu
    - Can use any pen/pencil and you can check both hands and pen before and after
    - No magnets

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