Saturday Night Contest - Final Four!

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  1. Villanova 75-73
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  2. 4 more hours left to make changes to your predictions and get them posted before the game starts at 9:19pm EST tonight!
  3. I never have and still do not understand why major sports games (like playoff games) always have strange start times.
  4. UNC (75-69)
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  5. I have have compiled all the guesses so far, and will continue to do so, and will post them when the deadline hits and the game begins so that it's easier to see everyone's scores in one place and to see who won quickly.

    And up to this point, no one has made a repeat guess, but all the scores are so close together that I can guarantee that someone has an accurate orediction of one of the scores. Both scores? Pushing it. But someone has one of the scores predicted.
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  6. UNC (78-72)
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  7. All right. The game is on and the votes are locked. Here's what we are looking at:

    Gabriel Z - Villanova(78-70)
    Toby L1 - UNC 56 - 48
    FTL_FTK - UNC 80-76
    Mclintock - UNC 79-68
    Walleyemaster34 - UNC 70-69
    __3V__ - UNC (82-74)
    Davidtong - UNC 69-66
    HaydenSinCollins - UNC (78-56)
    Jimmyzaarour - Villanova 74-67
    Furruhk - Villanova (69 - 62)
    Bob77 - UNC 83-78
    EricR5 - Villanova 78-68
    hikeeba - UNC 71-61
    willtupper - UNC 77 - 73
    JustinR - UNC (83 - 79)
    Pablo F.(2) - UNC 80-65
    antoferra - Villanova (68 - 58)
    ledfordb1 - UNC 86-66
    Javad H - UNC 76-68
    marcopaso - Villanova 73-68
    MagicRoutine - UNC 76-70
    marielleabe - Villanova (98-86)
    Dominic7899 - Villanova 87-81
    Bryant_Tsu - Villanova (77-68)
    Brett Hurley - Villanova (82-76)
    DominusDolorum - UNC 79-68
    bengabing - Villanova 88 - 69
    ScottH5 - UNC 80 - 74
    Fox13 - Villanova 80-64
    MilesJ1 - UNC 83-75
    Moniker - Villanova 83-76
    Khaleel Olaiky - UNC (65-44)
    Dean Magic - UNC 67-58
    hobbes22 - UNC 79-74
    EvanX - Villanova 75-73
    Kaan Ucar - UNC (75-69)
    MikeK1 - UNC (78-72)
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  8. Can we all just give some massive props to Brett for listing all of our guesses? Dedication!
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  9. All the guesses are suprisingly close to each other! Watch the final scores end up being somewhere in the 30s :p
  10. That would suck. I almost went with around that xD
  11. I didn't realize college ball was just TWO halves. I thought it was split in quarters. Oh man my guess is really sunk. Ah well.
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  12. Syracuse 68-52
  13. I don't think the score will go over 80 points. So RIP like 75% of our guesses
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  14. lol I posted then realized I'm late xD xD I'm dying
  15. Haha! Awesome. Looks like the score will hit 80! There is OT, right? That was epic.
  16. That did not just happen... With a few seconds left on the clock, UNC ties it up with a three pointer. With 4s remaining, Villanova comes back with another three to win? Ugh.
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  17. Villanova wins!!! 77-74
  18. I think EvanX won this SNC. Willtupper would have taken it but he went for UNC.
  19. These contests are based on accurate point guesses before closest point margins. At least, that's how I won the Super Bowl contest

    By my count, Bryant Tsu got it
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