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    I love this effect, and perform it every opportunity that I get. There are no bad angles, the chosen names truly are random, if chad had been upset by me having the card signed by nick and instead asked to do it himself, then it would have been his name on the four. The methods all come from the works of well respected magicians, however I believe this application and presentation to be unique.
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    Edit: congrats to the winner
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    Guys! I really apologize for the lateness, We have been working non-stop (a lot of redbull) on this effect since the contest was posted, we just finished! You might have seen another effect I posted earlier, that was our back up. However! If submissions are still okay, then I really hope you guys enjoy this! We worked our butts off, and only had one take. One more apology, in the video during the climax, my body turns to far to the left, effectively hiding their card from view; I promise, give my word, that nothing happens during that turn of the body. There are no switches, no sleights of any kind. It was simply a mistake on my part. In fact, if I didn't want to build up the end quite so much, they could handle the cards the entire time. After the cards go inbetween their hands, they can do everything. We didn't do it this way to add to the performance and to speed things up. If you guys don't believe me or have concerns, let me know and I can get another video up in the future. We cannot do another take right now, because it costs us quite a bit of money and time to perform this effect. Also, it is the exact same card at the beginning and end of the trick, it can be done on anyone. Good luck everybody! I really, really hope this entry still counts. It cost us 25 hours and $100...
  4. The vid says deleted by user...
  5. There you go! Thank you very much for pointing that out. For some reason my edit didn't complete the first time around.
  6. And now for the results! We reviewed every submission very carefully. Without a doubt, there were SEVERAL submissions that fooled us! We loved watching these, and Mathieu Bich rated each submission based on how deceptive the effect appeared, in his opinion. The fact that several of you successfully fooled Mathieu Bich is an accomplishment by itself - and no easy task! Congratulations to everyone that participated.

    Picking a winner for this contest was very difficult, and it came down to one entry that fooled us the most. That entry belonged to Rory.Adams, for his video using potato chips here. We had a few theories of how the effect was accomplished, but absolutely admit that it FOOLED us! So congrats to Rory for the win!

    Thanks again to everyone who participated this weekend. So many of your submissions showed creativity, originality, and thinking outside the box. For that, and for impressing the warlock genius that is Mathieu Bich, congratulations to everyone, and to Rory for the win!
  7. Congratulation to the winner but I have one very important question, what is the effect about? I'm really confused.
    I though that the bag would explode and the chips would fly out all over the place? Thank you in advance for your reply.
    On a different note, I saw Mathieu Bich commented on my video and I thought for sure that I fooled him :D . But given the fact that he probably know a lot of Japanese magicians, I'm not surprised that he knows the method behind it. If you guys want to see my performance, please click on the link to my youtube channel and look for my newest video "The Joker Takes A Ride". Have a great day to you all!
  8. ^he posted on everyone's video
  9. Congratulations to the winner, but what was that? He still had to open the crisps with his hands. The pop did nothing to open the bag. I can open a bag of crisps with my hands :/
  10. I think the effect was just that - making the bag explode (unseal). The "popping" action didn't fully open the bag (although that would have been cool) - rather, it just appeared to break the airtight seal on the bag with an audible POP. If this was performed in a seance setting, I would need to change my pants.
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    Agreed.. Absolute congrats to Rory regardless though!
  12. our cards and coins were defeated by a potatoes !!!!
    Congratulations to the winner !!! =)
  13. Thanks guys. I can't believe it won : ) The original Idea was to pop a bag of popcorn without the microwave, but after hours of attempts it epicly failed. The crisp bag was a last minute save to salvage what i had been able to achieve so I appreciate that it doesn't really make sense? But it doesn't have to be a crisp bag, I liked JB's idea of doing it in a seance setting- and you could use any small bag and place it in the spectators hand :)

    Thanks Mathieu, I can't believe you watched it let alone were fooled. Thank you Theory11!
  14. What the hell? Obvious trick for me :-D
  15. Not to "rock the boat" but isn't there a cut in the video?
    Around the 43-44 mark?
  16. WINNER?? I have no idea what that effect was about??? I just saw a bag and heard a lot of wind..
    Other note, if you figured my effect out well done. It included NO THREADS , REELS , WIRES OR and PULLS. A signed coin transpositions to the other pocket sealed in a bag.
  17. He winked in most of them.
  18. Watch it all the way to the end. If you missed the last few seconds, you might have missed the effect!
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