Saturday Night Contest - Halloween Spooks

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. No, but it is best to be to the point and direct with your video.
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  2. Haha, that's not exactly what I had in mind. But I am gonna attempt a cardistry video because I feel like it'd be more of a challenge for me than doing a magic trick.
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  3. Here is my entry combining a little cardistry and a little magic. For the record, this was extremely fun to produce, and I hope you all enjoy the result of my work. All I can say about this though is that the one late night, and afternoon of effort were worth it. ​
  4. Awesome contest idea!

    Here is my entry:

    Good luck to all, and have a happy Halloween!
  5. Cool, man!
  6. farewell, my friend.

  7. Worked my a** off this time....
    REALLY hope you guys like this, ain't easy doing a double role...or editing...X_X

  8. Hey guys. The camera doesnt do this effect any justice at all. I hope you enjoy its a real stomach turner when you see it in person.

  9. All right. One of my props isn't working properly, thus, I'm out of the running.

    I need something something dark side to work, and I don't get paid until tomorrow to get it, but it'll be too late by then.

    Good luck everyone!
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  10. I kind of forgot to make it scary, but I think the zombie cards make up for it :D:
  11. Alright guys, time for results! Thanks to everyone for submitting really cool entries this week. Without any further hesitation, let's get right into the results.

    We felt that the entry that creeped us out the most and had that lingering eerie factor was the submission by caseya7. Congrats! Please contact our support team to claim your prize!

    2nd place prize goes to Stu-pendous for his charmingly creepy and weird rendition of the Human Blockhead. Congrats! Please contact our support team to claim your elite points prize.

    Thanks again to everyone for entering this week; you all did great work. From all of us at theory11, Happy Halloween to everyone!
  12. Congrats Caseya7 and Stu-Pendous!
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  13. Congrats caseya7! Great atmosphere. And thanks for the runner up prize t11! I loved this comp.
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  14. Congrats guys!
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  15. A well earned win for Caseya7!
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  16. Congrats caseya7! Really liked the concept for your video :D
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  17. Thank you so much everyone! I appreciate it so much! Congrats Stu-pendous!
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  18. Congrats to both winners! Awesome entries, you totally deserved it!
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  19. Congratulations Caseya and Stupendous!!

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