Saturday Night Contest - Halloween!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Oct 31, 2015.

    Hopefully that link works. This was my attempt at creating the Wynn design. Tougher than it looks!
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  2. "A heart in the hand is worth four in the cantaloupe"
    -ancient proverb
    Well here's my submission:
    Just as Spanish moss is not actually moss, this cantaloupe is not actually pumpkin. :p
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  3. I see someone took the PSAT... cool submission though!
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  4. It was actually pretty easy cause I took one that was sitting around for some time so it was already hard and easy to carve
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    I tried to get the colors to 'show'

    Thought I'd do something quick. Hardly quick! Lol! Makes me appreciate all those really crazy pumpkin designs more.
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  7. Think we got a winner here.
  8. Ha, I'd actually love second place
  9. Alright guys, we have our winners!

    Our first place prize goes to Metermind, who carved an amazing depiction of our Monarch Playing Cards; congrats! We felt that this entry was the overall best as it showed great technique, with a solid composition and perspective.

    Our second place prize goes to Justin Morris, for carving a very nice arrangement of the four Aces. Great work!

    Our third place prize goes to Zak The Wizard for carving the Wynn logo; very neat!

    To all prize winners, please contact our support team so we can hook you up with your prizes!

    Thanks again to everyone who entered this contest. We had a lot of fun this Halloween and hope you all did as well! See you guys on Saturday for a new contest. :)
  10. It's so exciting to finally place in a contest haha. Justin I thought for sure you would win but Metermind yours was pretty incredible as well. Love the ideas. Thanks for placing me! Hope everyone had a happy halloween
  11. Congrats to the winning pumpkins!

    Now what are you going to do with them?
  12. Wahoo! Thanks!

    Once again great entries by everyone. Metermind's was pretty out of the box. (badum-tish)

    I liked the potato and cantaloupe
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  13. Thanks, Brett. As soon as I was done carving and uploading the pictures, I separated and salted the seeds for toasting. Then I chopped the rest, baked it, and pureed it. My wife is a real magician when it comes to baked pumpkin breads and cookies. (I'm just glad Trader Joe's still had some gourds available.)
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