Saturday Night Contest - Independence Day

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. Your link is not working......
    Just a heads up.

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  2. here's my entry thank you
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  4. Just came back from the States after celebrating the Can/Am weekend in New York, so my entry is pretty last minute and thrown together with limited resources. Either way I hope you like it. (Still at gfs house so no props) Happy 4th of July and Canada day everyone one, and good luck!

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  5. Let me try it again

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  6. It's working now. Good luck!
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  7. Alright guys, time for results!

    Great work to everyone this week; we knew the task wasn't easy as it was wide open with possibilities, but there were a few standouts that made this one a close call. Much-deserved kudos to everyone who took the time to participate! It ultimately came down to two entries, and we picked the winner because it was overall the best in terms of what we were looking for - the combination of creativity AND execution. No flashes at all, and looked very clean and polished. Congrats to frozono9 for taking home this week's prize! Please contact our support team to claim your prize!

    We would like to extend an honorable mention to Kuba Czyba for his creative entry. Keep up the great work!

    See you guys on Saturday for a new contest!
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  8. Awesome! Thank you Casey!
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  9. Congrats..... man what do i have to do to get even a mention :( :p
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  10. Congrats, frozono9!
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  11. Ahh, nice entry frozono. On the one hand I'm happy that my entry got honorable mention, but on the other hand - so close to win :( Good job guys!
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  12. Congratulations Frozono!!! Good Job to honorable mention Kuba Czyba.
  13. Nice job guys, good work!

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  14. Just keep up the good work, buddy, you'll get there.

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