Saturday Night Contest - MC2 x 2014

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  1. next week will be the next SNC
  2. I'm coming out of retirement for this one boyz
  3. Do we have to film 100% original content or can I also use clips and pieces of other videos across the web?
  4. They usually need to be original.
  5. The video should be your own original creation of your own skills in action.
  6. Is it a problem if the cardistry moves are not our own ?
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    Not a problem at all - but originality and creativity will certainly increase your chance of winning.
  8. [video][/video]
    Good luck everyone!
  9. Well then I will deffinatley not be competing in this one haha. Can't see my skills in action their nonexistent haha XD You will get 1 minute of Swing Cuts and Poorly done breaks Hahaha. Back to practicing for me.
  10. I have a question to you and to your video is 1:11 long. Is it, OK?
    Because I am making my video and it is 1:05 sec long. Can I participate in this contest with 1:05 long video?
  11. No. 60 seconds is the max
  12. I assume that I will only be judged on the first 60 seconds. I didn't' want the video to start or stop abruptly so there's a few seconds of me putting the deck down and the fade out. I didn't realize it was so long though. I can re-shoot it if this will disqualify me.

    Is this necessary?
  13. I think it would DQ your video if it isn't under a minute.

    Better safe than sorry
  14. The criteria lists that it must be 60 seconds max, so if possible, cut it down to 1:00
  15. The criteria lists that it must be 60 seconds max, so it would have to be cut down from 1:11 to 1:00
  16. It has been fixed!

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