Saturday Night Contest: Merry Chris(Kenner)mas : 2nd Annual

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. thanks man, i worked hard on that
  2. Here is my submission - A Royal Holiday Joy Ride

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  3. Well, here's mine. Unfortunately, I have a bad camera:(

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    Heres mine simple direct and its the NUTCRACKER Enjoy Hope you guys like it O and happy Chris(Kenner)mas

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    KATIE and CHRIS have just had a Christmas baby and they named him Gaurdian. (Notice Katie, the queens of hearts, and Chris, the King...and their baby gaurdian haha)....HOWEVER!!!!!......someone is sneaking around through the snow behind the 3-D tree....ITS JB!! ....What is JB up to? What will happen to Gaurdian?? WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENS AND TOOC DOES NOT COME OUT?!?!? hmmmm...only time will tell :)))) Happy Gaurdian Holidays everyone!! Here is my pic


  6. have fun with your uncut props dude thats an awesome possum job ya did there
  7. Oh, wait I borrowed my brother's camera, now the pictures are clearer! Yay!

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  8. A Christmas tree with all the tricks introduced by Theory 11 during the Winter from both 2008 and 2007

    I used 51 cards and some pictures to make this.

    Good luck to everyone :) I saw some really good ones.

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  9. times up no entries after this post

    Good luck to all who entered and have a merry christmas
  10. Submission - A Royal Holiday Joy Ride

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

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  11. Im looking through all these and all are great! But remember its the most "ridiculous" will win and i think i know who that is.... Goodluck to all!
  12. Heres mine! =]

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  13. Hopefully there are 2 winners. 1 for each prize. Then others besides jok3r stand a chance. :p
  14. so are you policing this now?
  15. Here's my shot at it... hopefully it's not too late. Haha.

    We have our awesome Christmas Tree with our lovely Angel Garcia at the top amongst a star. Hahaha

    Nice presents under the tree too. Haha

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