Saturday Night Contest - New Year's Resolutions for 2021!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jan 2, 2021.

  1. This year has marked the beginning of my interest in cardistry, and collecting playing cards in general. It started as something to fidgit with while at my desk while working from home, and has become much more consuming than I would have ever guessed. From only knowing how to riffle shuffle (poorly) to a perfect farrow felt like a big accomplishment at the time. Charlier, scissor and revolution cuts gave me confidence, and being able to string them together at least semi smoothly feels really good.

    2021 will be the year of 2 hand cuts I think. Then hopefully I will be able to string enough together to put a video up for a SNC.

    Best of luck everyone! Both in the contest and they year to come.
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  2. 2020 has been a year to realize all that I am thankful for. Magic has been an incredible hobby of mine to escape the stress of life. Its always fun to show friends and family a new illusion. And even more fun to teach someone who is curious to learn magic as well. A resolution id like to try to follow is to revisit so many of the tricks I have learned but haven't practiced yet to add to my short list of everyday carries.
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  3. 2020 has been a crazy year to say the least. Though being stuck at home and working from home did give me the opportunity to have more time to practice my cardistry moves, silver lining for sure. This year I focused a lot of time on one-handed moves, notably L-cuts and bullet, I can say with confident that I have finally mastered those moves. As well as getting pretty good at other moves such as ATM and LePaul spread. This meant a lot to me because I got into cardistry back in 2015 but gave up for more than two years before picking it back up in 2018.

    For this year, I am going to challenge myself to create a minute long flourish without messing up. A combination of moves that I already know and/or learning plus a couple new ones that I already have in mind.

    I hope things will get back to normal soon enough and hope everyone is staying safe! Happy new year, everyone!
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  4. 2020 a crazy year. I live in Vietnam, and we were able to control the pandemic to a certain extent. Therefore, I still had the chance to perform in person. Even though I'm only a hobbyist, I still found a lot of fun performing mentalism for people and I could make a lot more friends, which is amazing, given the crazy situation.

    For 2021, I will focus on reading more books on mentalism to improve my knowledge in general, as well as polishing my performing style and skill even more.

    Happy new year everyone :)
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  5. Since I started cardistry/magic this year, everything I've achieved has happened this year. It's been pretty cool to be part of a community and with all of the giveaways I've won as well as some purchases, I now have about 30 decks in my collection. I've also created some pretty cool original cardistry moves and magic effects that I've shared on my Youtube channel. On Youtube, I've been able to gain more than a 100 subscribers and do collaborations with some very talented magicians. My New Year's Resolutions are to expand the number of cardistry moves I can do and make better quality videos on my channel!
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  6. This has been the year I have began to explore cardistry. I have bought a few extra decks and have started to educate myself a little more about the hobby. I am trying to use my new found time to be able too educate myself and read, read, read. I certainly am a beginner in this hobby but feel with the right amount of passion I can progress and be one day confident enough to do a card show. Even if it is only to friends and family.
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  7. My 5 year old self

    2020 has been a growing year for me in spite of COVID. Theory11 has made me what I always thought I wanted to be. It all started when a party Magician was doing some very interesting Magic. I was so keen on learning how the Magician did his tricks. I looked through the footage, over and over. It was so clean. The next time a Magician came, I took his Mic and cards and started doing little tricks my grandma taught me. (I was only 5!) When I finished, my whole life was now going to face a twist, I saw many people looking at me, clapping!!! I heard whistles in the air. It felt like the most powerful thing in my life. I loved Magic! But then, I discovered more about Theory11, and followed the beginning guides. I was now starting my journey of Magic. Once I found out that kids my age or younger were doing Magic too, I asked one of them, where they learned it from. They said they learnt it from Youtube. I was wonderstruck! Why would people reveal Magic Tricks on Youtube so that people can learn these precious tricks? I didn’t want those cheap tricks to be learnt. I decided to learn Magic from Penn and Teller’s Master Class: Magic. After all of the lessons. I was inspired to create more and more tricks once I learnt the main moves in Magic. I learnt card, rope and coin Magic. I became an intermediate Magician now. I came back to Theory11 after so long, I decided to take Magic very seriously then. After signing up for Theory11, I was able to buy many tricks from them! I learnt so much terminology, I learnt different type of Magic Tricks such as Quantum, Omega, Zodiac, Zandman Book Test, Phone Vanish, Akkelian Envelopes, Healed and Sealed, Scarlet, Lit, Bend, 52 to 1, Verbatim, Insane, Departure, Position Impossible, Animation, Double Agent, Cyber, Tarantula 2.0, Rhine's Dice, T-Rex and Rapture. I LOVED Theory11 that I bought these many tricks. Sooner, I became an Advanced Magician, I was able to create different card tricks. It was time to create a quote. “The more and more magic you do in front of a whole group, the more and more smiles you get back”. This year was so successful. I performed on Talent Show and in front of many and when I say many, I mean hundreds and hundreds of people! In the future years or late 2021, I plan to renounce most of my time to Magic and give the people the support they need. Who would've thought that my 5 year old self was the reason for all this?
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  8. Congrats Will! Your entry was randomly selected as the winner for this week's contest! Pleas reach out to our support team so we can get your prize out to you ASAP!

    We hope you all have a wonderful year ahead, and make good on your resolutions!
  9. Congrats Will!!
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  10. GG Willi. I loved your poetry that create. Gj with the win :)
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  11. Oh, wow. I am stunned.

    Thank you all so, so much.

    Friday, New Year's Day, the day before this Saturday Night Contest, just happened to be my birthday.

    And this is by FAR the best (and certainly most unexpected!) gift I've ever gotten.

    Happy New Year, everyone. I'm going to do everything I can to make this year a good one.

    And I know you will, too.

  12. I thank you, my friend!
    Poems are another form of
    magic, don't you think?


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  13. Congrats...and happy birthday!
  14. Congratulations Will Tupper!! I did not know it was your birthday , so have a happy birthday too!!
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  15. Congrats!!! And happy birthday!!!
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  16. For me 2020 has been a good year. My hands dont work the way they did when I was young so I have concentrated on working with my magic collection and bringing together all the items I have collected in my life and placing these into various categories so my oldest child will have a collection that he can be proud of when it is time for me to leave this mortal plane. In 2021 I will continue to purchase selected items throughout the year to add to the types and named categories I have decided to concentrate on. For me too much magic sometimes is lost to the past and while I cant purchase expensive items I hope to find those little gems that may be missed and lost to history to keep and add to a small growing list for my son.
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  17. Didn't realize contest was over..never mind at least I will have something I can refer back to if 2021 continues in a downward spiral and I can take heart and remember exactly why magic is a big part of my life...have a great birthday Will and also congratulations also ..Peter in Oz
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  18. Hey, Friends!

    Thanks so much for the congratulations and birthday wishes. It's been a stellar one thus far, thanks in large part to all of you.

    I have messaged TPTB (and this is probably super "Midwestern" of me, but I'm totally counting getting my prize correspondence from Ms. Christen Gerhart as my first "celebrity interaction" of the year #starstruck), and, with the help of a WHOLE pack of Post-It notes (each deck written on a seperate note, my bedroom looked like I was trying to prove a conspiracy theory) let them know which decks I wanted.

    And a thousand Elite Points, to boot?

    Best. Prize. Ever.


    AND I ordered myself a new ch*p cup last month, and I honestly thought it had been lost in the mail for good. But it wasn't!

    It took 27 days by First-Class mail to make it from basically Cleveland to Detroit, but so what?


    Hope you're all having an amazing day / week / year so far. It can only get better from here! :)
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