Saturday Night Contest - Patrick's Pushup Battle


theory11 artist
Sep 3, 2007
United States
What's up guys!

It's time for another Saturday Night Contest! This week, Andrei Jikh and Patrick Kun went to the gym. Determined to find out who was the strongest, they decided to do a push up contest. They set a timer for 60 seconds and dropped to the floor. Who was the strongest? The person who did the most push ups in that 60 seconds.

It's your job to guess how many pushups they did! Post your guess in response to THIS forum thread with the number of pushups you think Andrei did, and another guess for the number of pushups you think Patrick did. If you are the first to guess EITHER number correctly, you win one deck of White Monarchs! If both of your numbers are correct, you win our GRAND prize - six decks of White Monarchs!

Your answer should look like this:
Andrei with 43 push ups // Patrick Kun with 2 push ups

Contest tonight ends at 11:00pm EST! Good luck!

UPDATE :: Results have been posted!


ceo / theory11
Team member
Jul 23, 2007
New York City
I want to play this one! If I win, I'll donate the prize to someone else. Patrick's a beast, so I'm going to guess that he won!

Patrick Kun: 37
Andrei Jikh: 34
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