Saturday Night Contest - ReCord Your Effect

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  1. How many entries are you allowed?
  2. S.N.C Entry

    This is My Entry Video for S.N.C T11
    Call it A Magician Phone
    Hope You're all Enjoy & The Best Winning :)

    Thank u T11

    Cheers (y)
  3. This was done with one ungimmicked Ipod Nano.
  4. Here is my entry. I've tried something different. I hope you like it and wish everyone good luck (including me :D ). [video][/video]

    P.S. No palming!
  5. Here's my entry :)

  6. Absolutely great trick, to me it's the best that has been submitted until now.
  7. Holy $#!+
    That was awesome!
  8. Here is my entry. Good luck to everyone.[video=youtube;DdfjQ0mTQPI][/video]
  9. [video][/video]
  10. Time is up, and the results are in! Some extremely creative, remarkable effects - GREAT work by everyone who took part in this event. Really impressive. You guys made it VERY difficult to decide on just one winner.

    We reviewed each submission carefully, and in the end, only one member can take home the prize. This week, the prize goes to fgab4 from the Dominican Republic. His effect is creative, different, unique, and very deceptive! Congrats to fgab4 on the win! Watch it here.

    I'd also like to extend an honorable mention to Jeff Prace for his iPhone volume effect here. Very creative, simple, fun effect. Jeff, good luck tomorrow on The Today Show with David Copperfield! I spoke with David this afternoon and let him know to expect to see some VERY creative magic from you. Congratulations on the appearance - you very much deserve the spot.
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    Thanks, Jonathan! Very nervous for tomorrow - hoping for the best!

    And huge congrats to the winner! What a cool trick.
  12. Oh WOW! thank you guys, this made my night. And good luck Jeff on The Today Show :)
  13. Dude I looked through all the videos and never saw yours. But now that I saw it I know exactly why you won. It was flipping awesome!

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