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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Mar 16, 2013.

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  5. This contest is complete, and the results are in! The bad news: no one was 100% accurate in your predictions tonight. The good news: MANY of you were very, very close! The exact number written on the sealed prediction was... 297.

    After review of all of your entries tonight, it quickly became apparent that one of you was the closest, most accurate submission. That person? Eriyg. Eriyg predicted 299, which was just two numbers off from the bullseye. Congrats - and enjoy your new Artisans and Sneak Peek by Spidey!

    Thanks to everyone for participating tonight - great predictions and very close guesses! If you haven't seen it already, I cannot recommend Spidey's new download enough. Sneak Peek allows you to divine what is written on a FOLDED piece of paper SEALED in your closed fist, with 100% accuracy.

    It's a very simple yet extremely powerful technique that you can apply to almost any magic or mentalism routine. Using no special props - just a piece of paper and pen - it's a method you will be able to use at a moment's notice to blow people away.
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