Saturday Night Contest - Seeing Green

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. OMG! Thanks so much! Great job to everyone involved. You all did fantastic!
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  2. Depending on how the next photo contests go, if we see there aren't people trying to cheat we may re-visit the rules and make them a bit less restricting, however for the time being it is Instagram only. For photo contests it's important to only have something in frame that you want in there, and forcing people to put a date in their photo would take away from the overall photo. We don't want to limit people's creativity and expression with photo contests in terms of what they want to put in frame.

    We understand not everyone has an Instagram account or is allowed to have one, but we also don't want cheating to happen in our contests. Every time someone has been caught cheating in the past and won at first, we feel like we let everyone down, and trust me that is not a good feeling to have. We care so much about these contests, because I used to be a participant almost every week when I was a member until 2010. I was on the other side and wanted to be beaten fairly and be on an equal playing field as everyone else. What we had with that time was then up to us to deliver the best we could, and that's always been the most fun part of it for me.

    So while the photo contests are restricting to it being posted on one platform for now, we hope it will dial down and put an end to the attempted cheating. Once we have reached a time where it is non-existent, we will re-evaluate and potentially change the rules back to how it was before. Until then, it is Instagram only. We're not saying this is the perfect solution that will prevent cheating, but we have to try something. We hope you understand our decision!
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  3. Congratulations MikeK1!!
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  4. Hey MikeK1, when I first saw your shot I knew it was a winner! I actually said out loud, "wow, nice shot". You deserve it. Enjoy.
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  5. Thanks so much!

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