Saturday Night Contest - Show Your Patriotism!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. What card did you get the bird and the snake from? I wouldn't mind adding it to my collection.
  2. Hi! The crow from Madison Black Rounders and the snake from Noc V3 Green ;)
  3. Cool, thanks.
  4. Alright, technically the 24 hrs has now passed and these are the countries represented:
    United Kingdom
    United States
    Czech Republic

    Good Job guys!
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  5. You didn't tally up how many representing each country? Stop slacking Bryant! :p
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  6. Wow! This one was an insanely tough one to judge; a lot of great ones made the competition extremely close! However, there can only be one winner, so let's get right into it.

    We felt that this entry was the most accurate and impressive representation of their country's flag, as the criteria suggested. With that said, we would like to congratulate Bryant_Tsu for winning this week's contest! Congrats! Please send en email to our support team and they will hook you up with your prize.

    We would also like to give a few honorable mentions to these great entries:

    As always, you guys did an amazing job with the challenge this week. Super fun, and was exciting to see where all of us come from!
  7. Thanks!

    I would like all of you to know how neat it was to see all these different flags. The different methods people used to create their flags was neat and artsy, while seeing the flags and the countries they belonged to proved to be a educational in a sense.
  8. Congrats on the win!
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  9. There were some really great entries for this competition, great so see so much variety in creativity. Congrats to all that took part and congratulations to Bryant.
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