Saturday Night Contest - Something Spooky

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  1. My internet is really slow at the moment and my video is still being processed. It's estimated to still take another 308 minutes! What if my video just takes a little bit longer to upload? Would it still count? I have the link ready!
  2. HAHAHAHA that was the best. deserves to win, really surprised me.
  3. Just put this together last minute. Razor blade swallowing. Everyone's favorite Halloween trick. I perform a variation of this Live in shows that I do. Hope you guys like it. sorry its a little hard to see.
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    I didn't go exactly in the direction you guys we're asking for.. but I did freak some people out, and had a lot of fun doing it. That's gotta count for something.
    Good luck everybody!
    Credits to David Berglas and Wayne Houchin for the first two effects, the last is... original? I doubt it, but I came up with it independently.
  6. I hate this. YouTube will not accept my uploads. I hope, when it finally uploads, you will consider my entry :/
  7. I cannot believe this. I may not have won anyway, but I am literally tearing up when I see how close I was to having submitted on time.
  8. Tyler, I couldn't see your link.

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