Saturday Night Contest - Spin The Wheel!

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Oct 9, 2015
Hey guys, hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend! Just a few days ago, we launched our Holiday Contest. We brought back the wheel that you all know and love, except this year, the prizes are better than they've ever been before. Win a trip to the NoMad Hotel in NYC to meet Dan White. An iPad loaded with 40+ magic tricks and card flourishes. A Sony A6300 DSLR. A Stormtrooper Card Sculpture. An Instant Elite Membership. An Instant Card Collection with 40 decks from our private reserve, and many more prizes. We really wanted to go all out and give you guys the best of the best. You can get a FREE spin every 24 hours (exactly), and a spin for EACH product purchased from now until January 1st.

Tonight's contest is going to be fairly simple. I've taken the results of my last 3 spins on the wheel, and all I want you to do is to guess the exact results of those spins, in order. ONE GUESS per member. The format of your guess should look like this:

1. (spin result)
2. (spin result)
3. (spin result)

Post your guess in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 11:00pm EST TONIGHT. You have 3 and a half hours from the time this contest was posted to post your guess.

The first person who correctly guesses the order of my results will take home 1,000 Elite Member Points and FIVE SPINS on the Holiday Wheel. Oh yea, you'll also win a deck of ultra-rare GOLD MONARCHS on the house, just because I'm in a giving mood today. :)

Good luck!
1.No reward

2.No reward

3.100 points
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