Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl 53!

Jan 26, 2017
Congrats Rusty!

Congrats, Catfish!

I fell asleep after the first quarter. Apparently, I didn't miss a whole lot. And the internet is up in arms about Sweet Victory
Someone told me the Punters deserved MVP lol

It was a pretty boring Superbowl. Wasn't exciting to watch the game (I skipped 2 quarters because I got bored, ended up watching the 4th and the 2nd). The ads weren't good (except for a couple, out of the hundreds that there were, RIP Bud Knight). The halftime show wasn't good (They promised sweet victory, teased it, then played Sicko Mode instead of the actual song).

Especially compared to last years Superbowl, this one sucked.
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