Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl 55!

Nov 13, 2019
I was really hoping for a different type of contest. I don't even watch football, it's a barbaric sport that leads to brain injuries. Plus why watch football when you can spend that time practicing shuffles and improving cardistry skills. Also, since when are we swayed by what is popular, we're supposed to be the pioneers and trendsetters.

I'm British and the only American football I've seen is one game of madden at a friends house. I think the contest is fine, its another lottery but it brings in people so why not. Moreover, I highly doubt you are practicing every second of the day, people have hobbies, and watching TV is one of the main ones. For your final sentence, I believe there is no reasons for magicians to be trendsetters, sure some of the famous ones have quite a following, but super bowl is a large event that many people enjoy so is popular. I am pretty sure next weeks contest will be on valentines day, I don't think magicians came up with that but its still a widely popular day.:)


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Oct 18, 2011
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Score: 29 - 24

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs
Score: 28 - 19


Jan 25, 2020
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs
Score: 35-17

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs
Score: 32-21


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Sep 4, 2015
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs
Score: 17-10

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs
Score: 21-17
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