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Saturday Night Contest - Tribute to Sybil


Director of Operations
Team member
Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
Alright guys, time for the results! We had a great time going through all of the submissions, especially the man himself, Chris Kenner! He wanted me to tell you guys his verdict, so here we go!

From Chris:

"Huge respect to the members who reached the final round of judging. Having to pick just ONE, the prize goes to danielkrlkvst for his entry here. I would also like to extend an honorable mention to wongster88 for his submission. I'm going to try and learn both this week!"

Daniel, congrats on the win! Please send an email to our support team to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone else for participating and showing your creations. We enjoyed looking at every one of them! We can't wait to see you guys back this Saturday for a new contest. :)
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