Saturday Night Contest - Your Card Collection!

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  1. Here is my entry

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  2. im new to cards so my collection is rather small
    i have 2 blue 2 green 2 purple 1 red Monarchs
    2 product reds
    1 provisions
    1 1st playing cards
    2 bikes cards.jpg
  3. This was my Valentine's Day present! Handmade cribbage board and 2 new decks of Theory11! But there's always room for more. :) 20200502_220813.jpg
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  4. A group of my favorites!

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  5. Not a lot, but I have some pretty nice decks in the mix. I’ve never really been one for collecting for a collection's sake. I always intend to perform with every deck I get. CF5AE9A1-A6F6-4892-A1E8-D632158B9C66.jpeg

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  6. In the middle of finishing a couple of sets and organizing. I started in late Dec 2019. wasn't able to bring out my cherry sets and others but this. is what I traded my hot wheel collection and some comics for Good trade I think. I love everything about Cards art feel I collect a little of all. MFG they are all perfect in there own way.
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  7. It’s not much, but here it is:

    Playing Card Collection.PNG
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  8. Image isn't available I think you have to change it to public. :)
  9. My collection is mainly split in to 3 parts

    The first part is on a display shelf which contains some of my rarer decks such as the magna carta series, White Centurions, V1 Virts, D&D Makers Set and some signed David Blaine decks. It also has a signed deck from Mr Richard Turner. If you look closely, you can see a Monarch housed in a carat case. This is the really limited Monarch playing cards (the misprinted one). There is also the Whispering Imps box set and D&D V1 box set and If an Octopus Could Palm.

    The second part of the collection is housed in a shelf which contains the Seasons set, Bitcoin set, Butterfly playing cards, and the Jetsetter series just to name a few.

    The last part is within an old Chinese antique Medicine cabinet that houses about 450 decks. The image I took contains most of my Theory 11 decks. On top of the shelf, I display more decks, especially box sets such as the Prohibition and Defractor set. It also has the beautiful Bad Robot box set. There are some Theory 11 decks there too such as the White and Gold Monarchs, 5th and Laurel and Daniel Madison's Players.

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  10. This is most of my collection that I could fit into the shelf and picture. ( I have some duplicate decks and several standard Bicycles). Pretty bummed that I only have black Monarchs so Variety box would be awesome!

    Good luck everyone!

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  11. This is my collection so far... From left to right:
    - Ramsay/Madison- Red knights
    - NPH/TXII
    - TXII Nationals
    - Unopened TXII/ BadRobot
    - Opened TXII/ BadRobot
    - Random small cut deck
    - Mindfreak deck (Set for 673 King Street trick)
    - Gold embued deck
    - Red Bicycle ( marked)
    - Red Bicycle
    - Blue Bicycle
    - Random duplicate cards ( just in case)
    - Star Wars (Sith TXII)
    - Star Wars (Jedi TXII)
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  12. My small collection of 4+ years :) I'm planning on growing it by getting the Monarchs collection

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  13. Thanks for the contest, got to show off my decks

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  14. I love how one of the guys has made a shelf to display his decks, I think I'll look online for some help to do that. My collection of decks :p

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