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  1. It is one of my biggest dreams to go to space one day. Everything we know just vanishes once you enter space. It's almost like magic. Magic can make you feel that what you thought was a fact, could be manipulated and it almost makes you feel weightless. Doing magic has already brought me a little bit closer to accomplishing my dream.
  2. My entry to this contest...

    When I was like 8 years old, I frequently visited Camila, a good friend of mine, and sometimes her grandfather was at her home. He had a little heart tattooed in his right hand and it was decorated with some stars and a white ribbon. Every time I saw him I asked him for the meaning of that tattoo and he always responded me with a different story.
    “It is cool and fun, don’t you think?” he said the first time. One day he told me it was a reminder of something he hoped never forget. Another time, he told me it was to protect the people he loved. Even one time he said a witch made it with her magical powers. But many times he just answered me saying: “It is for a very special lady I have been and always will be in love with.”
    Several years later, Camila told me he had passed away. I always remember how kind he was with me, and some months later I visited Camila again, and this time her grandmother was there too. We talked about school and family and, in some point of the conversation someone named the heart tattoo. Then, I asked the lady if the tattoo was for her. The grandmother denied with her head and told me that when they just got married they had a baby named Ana, their first daughter, but she died when she was four by a heart disease. They promised themselves to never forget her: “… and that’s why we both had the same tattoo with us.” Then, she showed us her right shoulder where the same heart, ribbon and four stars were tattooed.
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  4. I made this for my grandfather who recently passed he was a vet but loved my magic tricks. After I made this my brother who doesn't pay much attention at all to my magic asked why I used my monarch cards because they were his favorite. Kind of shocked I told him they were my favorite too. While it's nothing unbelievable it added some meaning to the piece making it even more special.
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  6. Alright guys, time for results! HUGE props to everyone who took the time to enter this week; definitely dug a little deep but everyone has a story to tell, and the stories you guys shared with us are truly remarkable. We can't thank you guys enough for not only inspiring each other, but inspiring us as well.

    And now, onto the winner. We felt that this art piece was remarkable in construction and design, and overall our favorite. With that said, we congratulate Eli Retschlag on taking home this week's prize. Congrats! Please contact our support team and they will hook you up with your prize ASAP!

    We would also like to extend some honorable mentions to these guys who made great card stories:

    Rob Tabris
    Justin Morris

    Truly fantastic stories and pieces of art from everyone this week. It was a pleasure to look through them all and be inspired in every aspect. We can't wait to see you guys this Saturday for a contest that MAY or may not involve Halloween - we'll see. :p
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  7. Yeah, there was no way to top Eli's piece. Good choice. I really enjoyed looking at all the of entries. This was a very nice little contest. Good work, T11.
  8. Yeah, that display was a bit of a tough one to go up against.

    Regardless, congrats to Eli Retschlag
  9. My thoughts exactly!

    Congrats Eli Retschlag, that really was an incredible piece!
  10. Congrats Eli Retschlag!
  11. Hi all,

    By chance I came across this thread and although I realise it might be too late for me to post, I wanted to share my story which I hope will inspire those who read it.
    The photo I shared below describe my story where over the last 5 years I have used over 1,000 bicycle decks with people writing positive messages on my cards. I have used each and every card in various projects as an art of communicating my story.

    This is the two documentaries:

    5 Years ago, I have launched a project with the simplest purpose to encourage and inspire people to share a smile with a stranger, called
    Since the age of 5 to the current age of 30 - I have lived a life in and out of hospitals. When living an entire life where everything seems to be against you and stripped of hope to the last thread of wanting to take your own life -
    This is not a reflection of a story where everything is now ok. It is an ongoing journey amidst the struggle to turn my world upside down and fight through the challenges by deciding to give something that I didn't have in my own life - A smile.
    Over the last 5 years I have used my passion of magic and music to entertain strangers everywhere I go and share a smile with them. Every stranger that embraced me back with a smile over the last 5 years, I have captured a photo and shared it on my website (
    This has opened a new dimension to life - A collection of thousands upon thousands of smiles & stories. What happens when you decide to give freely something that you don't even have for yourself to a stranger?

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