Saturday Night Roundtable - Andy Nyman!

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  1. This past week, we announced the newest, latest, and some say the greatest (!!) theory11 artist: Mr. Andy Nyman. He's credited as the co-creator, writer, and producer for Derren Brown’s TV specials. And over the past two decades, he has achieved success on screen and on stage. He has a disturbingly devious mind, and we're proud to share a few of his latest creations with all of you in the coming weeks.

    Tonight, he'll be hosting a roundtable discussion with YOU. Each time we do this, we post an open call for questions from members around the world. You have 24 hours to post up to three questions for Andy in this forum thread. Ask about anything: his work with Derren Brown, his successful West End play Ghost Stories, or his debut effect at theory11: INSANE.

    The best questions will be answered in our podcast recording tomorrow evening - less than 24 hours from right now. One random person who submits a question included in the podcast will receive a six pack of Monarch's, sent on the house! The clock is ticking. Post your questions below!

    UPDATE :: Podcast has been posted! Listen to it now in our roundtable discussion archive.
  2. What's it like to work with Derren Brown?
    How do you feel about your successful West End play Ghost Stories?
    Can you talk about your debut effect at theory11: INSANE?

    (Interview technique courtesy current newsreporters)
  3. who is your biggest inspiration and why?
  4. How did you get started in magic and mentalism?
  5. Many of your effects tend to deal a with the psychological and mental. Where does this approach come from?
  6. What was the first trick you learned?
  7. Who has inspired you in magic, magicians or otherwise?
  8. How and also why did you choose to end up working with Theory 11?
    And similar question, how did you end up working with Derren Brown?
  9. What was your inspiration for writing Ghost stories?
    Do you regret turning down the job offered by channel 4and giving it to Derren?
    You have mentioned before that you love film and knowing that you have starred in many yourself, do you plan on writing any soon?
  10. Where do you think magic as in theory11 is heading?

    Can you talk about your debut effect?

    Why did you chose to become a magician?
  11. Theory 11 rocks!!!

    OK Andy hope your evening is well!!!

    1 How has the world of magic impacted your life?

    2. What was it like working with the brilliant mind of Jeremy Dyson?

    3. what does your new effect involve *ie "cards , coins, or something totally off the wall?

    cant wait to see INSANE!!!

  12. What is your favourite "trick" to perform?
  13. You said that criminal thinking has inspired your approach to have you ever used your powers for...'the dark side'? ;)
  14. i saw you at a recent convention and noted you were with your son,would you aim to get your son into the world of magic,and/or theatre?if so would you influence him to follow your style,or push him towards origiality?
  15. Andy,
    When creating effects what process do you follow? do you just live life and the idea comes to you, or do you force your self to create something?, please explain what process you utilize and why it works
    Yousaf Ejaz
  16. Your favourite deck of cards?
  17. 1. Where do you think your life would be if you hadn't gotten in to magic?
    2. How does your career in theater affect your career in magic? Vice versa.
    3. Is this where you would have pictured yourself when you first got started in magic?
  18. Would you rather use a gimmicked trick or an ungimmicked trick,why?
  19. What do you think makes you different then others in your field?
    How do "you" see magic growing in the future?
  20. where/how/when do you find your ideas?
    do you sometimes wish magic was more like it was back in the late 1900s
    what do you see yourself as, a performer or a creator?

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