Saturday Night Roundtable :: Calen Morelli

May 25, 2010
1)How do you create new effects? Do they just pop into your brain, or do you have to sit down and think of an effect?
2) Do you have any tips on how to be more creative? Is there something that sparks your creativity?
Apr 25, 2009
Yorktown, VA
After watching a lot of your stuff on 365 days of magic, it is evident that you don't fall into to a category of coin magician or card magician, but that you are the epitome of what a magician should be (ie using everyday objects to create outstanding effects). What were the fundamentals that you studied to get you to where you are today?

Kaare Rugsted

Elite Member
Aug 26, 2009
hey Calen

Just like everyone else I get an idea for something like a trick or a move...but I can often be in doubt whether or not it is worth working on. how do you find out?
Oct 22, 2010
Do you create effects in theory and than try to make them in life? Or is it more organic and the tricks come to you as you are making the effect? ( Basically, what is your creative process?)

What happens when you get writers block?
Oct 14, 2009
Lots of magic is released all the time, sometimes excellent and others released for the sake of making money. How, when you create, do you try to produce quality effects as opposed to "effects" released just for the sake of attention and money?
Sep 9, 2010
When creating a new effect every day, how did you avoid "writers block", so to speak? (how did you keep the creative juices flowing and not run out of ideas)
Mar 14, 2010
How do you build an effect? Do you get an idea of what you would like it to be and then start thinking of a method to get there or the other way around. Thanks


May 1, 2010
I can't believe no one has asked this yet, it's been bugging me all day!

What is your favorite color?
May 30, 2010
did you have a time when your performance had gone wrong or failed?If so, can you tell us the story?

When you find out that the group that you perform to are somewhat hecklers, what do you do?or better yet, what do you perform to shut them up?
Sep 13, 2008
So, I checked out the blog you just started about creativity courtesy of Casey Rudd, and have only one question. How are you able to create such creative effects in a day? They are truly magnificent effects.
Apr 1, 2009
First off, I admire your work. Went through the blog and was truly blown away at the amount of material you're able to come up with. Not on the quantity, but the quality. I could see at least 90 percent of it being marketed by itself.

I didn't read through each and every question so I don't know what has been asked yet, so I'll just ask what interests me most. Who are your creative influences? Not only in magic but in general.

Youre pretty young yourself, what steps did you take to get such creativity and fluidity in the art? Not so much in detail of every book you read, your day to day schedule, Nor as broad like "practice practice practice."
How has the challenge of creating a new effect every day contributed your thoughts on the creative process? You make it seem almost easy to be inventive. How do you make sure that the effects that you have created receive the time that they deserve? How much time do you spend on these effects to make them closer to perfection?
Mar 1, 2010
Hong Kong
Hi Calen,
I want to ask, how do you actually create a new trick everyday and you can do it so well? Have you already come up with this 365 tricks in mind or you just keep creating when ideas come?
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