Saturday Night Roundtable - Daniel Madison

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  1. Do you plan to introduce your son to the art of magic and cardistry?
    How do you define your style?
    Do you stay in that style in your family/personal life, or is it exclusive just for videos and performances?
  2. who are your inspirations?
    do you have any other hobbies?
    favourite movie? :D
  3. What was the first trick that you learnt?
    What was it like meeting Penn & Teller?
    How did you get banned from casinos?
  4. 1) Who was your biggest inspiration when you started magic?
    2) What kind of style or attitude you prefer using in your performances: magician, cardist, gambler or a mix of the three?
    3) Do you think that someone can really make a life out of magic (in general) or you shoud have another job?
    Thanks Daniel.. Really love your stuff, you're always a big inspiration for me! :D
  5. Who inspires you?
  6. Do you see yourself doing magic on 20 years?
  7. Whats your favorite impromptu trick?
  8. When release of Madison PLAYERS?
  9. Do you have some ,,special abilities,, ? like super memory or ability to read people like book ?
  10. i have 2 questions;
    - When/Where did you first discover the gamblers cop?
    - how is your son and how are you finding being a father?
    Thanks Ben
  11. 1.How would you describe your upcoming release in just three words ?
    2.What do you think on how the magic and cardistry community will change over the next 5-10 years ?
    3.What was the most awkward moment in your whole magic career ?
  12. I appreciated your lecture at emc. What an honour that must have been.

    What part of the emc experience made the biggest impact on you as a performer?

    What other unique opportunities has your magic and cardistry opened for you?
  13. Three Questions:

    1. What do you recommend for a beginning cardist?
    2. Do you like cardistry or magic more?
    3. How often do you practice a day(magic and cardistry)?
  14. 1.what is your all time favorite deck? you upcoming project with theory11 a deck or a new DVD?
    3.have you ever cut your finger doing BLADE?
  15. Wich are the best moves to start with cardistry?
  16. Does your new project have anything to do with the project Theory11 is doing with eleven madison park?
    Who has influenced your style of magic?
    What got you into to magic?
  17. Questions

    What made you want to go on Penn and Teller?
    Why did you go on XB vol.2?
    Where di you start off?
  18. Questions

    1. How has becoming a father recently affected your card cheating habits and also your inspiration for creating?
    2. In the clue for the madison players you mention that this idea has been in development since 2007, what are some of the obstacles you came across and what solutions have you used to help to change it from the early design into this final product?
    3. Can you tell us a little more about your involvement in The Sandman music project? Would love to hear something new!

  19. what is the relationship between you and laura london ?

    how did you get famous?

    have you ever bought a magic dvd ?
  20. 1. What skills have you learned from magic that helps you in your other aspects of your life, i.e. family, business, etc. or vice versa ?
    2. When the world ends on 12-21-12 what would be the last trick you would do before it’s all over and who would be your audience if there were no limitations of audience members.
    3. What effect and magician has impressed you so much that you had to discover their method and inspired an effect during the journey?

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