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  1. ok. i have to admit. i was a bit disapointed with the first editions. they didnt fan very well and stuck together. Even after fanning powder. but i had faith, I bought the second editions anyway.
    wow, what a difference!. these cards almost melted through my hands. they are far thicker than any deck i have seen, that includes all the fancy pants ellusionist decks. even though they have the air cushion finish. i think its a different kind because they spread and fan far better than an average bicycle deck.
    I was very impressed with the way they looked, felt, performed, and overall i give them a 4.9 out of 5. (5/5 is reserverd for cards who do magic and flourish for you while you make a sandwich).
    i am so buying more of these puppies.

    PS: they also are very good for the cloak:D
  2. These cards are the definition of perfect in my eyes. I've never handled a deck a cards that handled so well, and kept together well. These are literally universal cards. You can use them for magic, flourishes, card games, and even as loin cloths as we saw in the last Saturday Night Contest!

    Shane K.
  3. I guess you guys never felt anything better than normal bikes...
    A lot of people are saying that these feel a lot like bikes except they fan better...
  4. I loved the first edition strictly for Trilogy training purposes =P I didn't mind my fanning problems, and I still have 2 unopened first editions. However, I am curious to see how great these 2nd editions are. Regardless of your review I was going to purchase them anyways, but it's good to know that you feel so strongly for them. Thanks.
  5. Personally they are not my absolute favourite cards I've ever handled....they're a close second haha. I still love my Vipers but, the Guardians have lasted me such a freaking long time it's unbealiveable. I use them about an hour a night, and they're lasted probably the last 2/3 weeks, an hour or so a day. The finish is Air-Cushion but, I believed it's modified somewhat because it feels alot "slicker" lets say. I perfer them any day over regular bikes, design, feel, finish, thickness. A big Improvement.

    -Happy Holidays,
  6. Can you visually tell the difference between the first and second editions?
  7. Visually....unless you had some special gift then No. They look (in my mind) the same, the box is slightly different but, barely. Trust me the second editions are much more improved over the 1st, hands down.

    -Happy Holidays,
  8. I hate to admit that I am not hating them as much as I wanted to. They handle just fine and I am a fan of the black decks. My major complaint is the artwork on the back is just too busy and dark...very hard to make out. I will also say, and maybe it is because I am an E fanboy, but I rate the Shadow Masters much higher.

  9. Why did you want to hate it so bad?
  10. He wants to hate them more because he works for Ellusionist (he is also an administrator on the E forums). Well RJ I'm glad for your honesty. I have an open mind on these so I may pick them up, however I agree they will be hard to beat Shadow Masters. I have a brick of 12 Shadow Masters and a few decks I got for free from the holiday promotion over there. I'll see though.

  11. Yes I know he "works" for E. But E and T11 are not competitors... My guess is RJ is just being a poor sport.
  12. He isn't being a poor sport at all. Just stated his views
  13. I got mine in the mail today. I opened a deck and was surprised at how good they feel! They fan perfectly and the art work is stunning! I love how the court cards are slightly faded as well! The only thing that i can say bad against them is the ad card in the box. I thought i had won prize 11 of the holiday contest...
  14. Hahaha...I see what you mean :)

    The ad card is pretty damn awesome though.
  15. He wanted to hate it... some view.
  16. One question really quick.
    Is there any differences to the looks between the 1st and 2nd Edition Guardians?
    And if so what are they?
    Thanks in advance!
  17. The second editions are darker and look shinier and glossier (but not too glossy!)
    If you're talking about the box, the new one is smaller and has a darker color to it.
  18. I just wanted to post once again recounting my feelings towards the 2nd edition Guardians.

    I've been using the exact same deck of Bicycle Guardians that I was using when I made my first post in this thread and they still are fanning beautifully, and holding together quite well. The edges of this deck is pretty grey in color still due to hand residue and whatnot.

    I know what you might be thinking..."Oh, he probably doesn't handle his cards very often." Well, I do. I practice off and on through out the day, and if I had to estimate the amount of time they are in my hands I'd have to say close to four hours or so. All I have to do to take care of them is make sure that my hands aren't riddled with grease or other foriegn objects (food and whatnot) and put them in the porper clip when not in use.

    I too will have to give these a 4.9/5.0

    Shane K.
  19. I've had the same thing happen with my decks of Guardians, the only real downside to that is that if you take a dupe from a deck that you don't use as much, it sticks out in the dirty deck.
  20. Thanks for the review! Yeah I was sort of worried about the Guardians because of the Air Cushion Finish (I guess I'm just spoiled to E's UV500 ;) and I was really wondering if they would be any better than normal bikes. Glad to know that they are. :) By the way, when did they stop selling the 1st edition and start selling the 2nd?

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