Seconds, stud bottoms, and shuffle work.

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Jason Ladanye, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Love it! The quality is nice, and it's obvious you've been practicing this for years. Great job.
  2. Really, really, really well done. Very smooth and natural. Even the acquired actions/get readies etc were all very normal. The one thing I noticed was that you prep the top card very early on your stud bottom deals, more so than on the tops. It is not a degree of angle, but a question of how long it is out there. Maybe adjusting the tops to look more like the bottoms? I only was aware of it because of the discrepancy...
  3. I have to primarily say that your shuffle and false dealing work is first class skill. Having that said, I will have to point out that there are a few minor flaws your execution has. About the seconds, I think that you should have shown nonconsecutive seconds, too, and that you are putting just a bit too much pressure on the deck while dealing, so the deal misses that perfect naturalness. Having that said, too, I will point out that your timing is perfect, and the rythm is flawless. For the bottoms, the rythm has a tiny difference, and the card goes out from the deck just a bit different from the top deal. This is just my humble opinion and some ideas you might concider playing with, and if you want to, I can pm you over facebook, because we're friends there.

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