Secret Societies

Aug 22, 2022
I had a really cool idea I wanted to pitch to you guys, and I know nobody really replies to threads like this but I'm going to post this anyway because I think it would be awesome.

I want theory11 to make a Secret Societies deck. The secret societies from history are full of awesome symbols and cool hidden meanings, and I think they would fit right in with some of Theory11's elegant yet generic themed decks. Obviously the Ace of Spades would be the eye of Providence, (Illuminati triangle) but the possibilities for the other cards would be endless. It would also be fun if this deck was marked or something else, just to add another layer of secrecy to the whole thing. Does anybody else think that would be awesome? The symbols out there that they could use would be so freaking cool.

So I know replying to random threads seems pointless, and this thread will probably get buried in a few days, but please if anybody else thinks this would be cool let me know, maybe if we raise awareness then someday theory11 will do it. ;) (I'm mostly kidding, I doubt T11 choses their deck designs based on forum threads, but still, think how awesome this would be.)
Mar 16, 2023
Cool Idea but didn't Bicycle already put out a Secret Societies deck? I think this is it.


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