Separate coins signed, signatures appear on the same coin later

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Ely, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Right now, I'm trying to create a trick of my own. Essentially, the trick is where two coins are signed. One coin is vanished, and then the other coin is vanished. Only one coin is produced, but now both signatures appear on the faces of that singular coin. So my question is, is there a method to have the spectators sign one coin under the illusion that there are two different ones? I'm not looking for an explanation; rather I just need to be pointed in the direction to learn it.
  2. I don't think there's a routine like this in print, actually. I would think that all you need is a two-card monte type of move, which would be effective if you were holding them in a fan. Or a turnover that uses a similar principle.
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  3. Geoff Lattas one handed turnover switches coins, might be a while before it looks natural. Han Ping Chien move could do it too. These types of options may change your parameters though since the first coin is out of sight while the second signature happens. There are gaffs that can overcome this.

    What sources do you currently have for coin magic?
  4. Oh wow, the two card monte move would be perfect! Thanks! I wish I could have thought of that myself
  5. Well, my coin magic library isn't very expansive. It's only two books: Expert Coin Magic by Richard Kaufman, and New Modern Coin Magic
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  6. I think it is definitely possible. I have an idea on a working method for this.
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  7. You’re doing fine, there is plenty of great stuff there. Let us know if you get anywhere with this ? It sounds fun.
    Ive fiddled with it in the past and have had a few ideas, none stuck though. Ely’s post rekindled some of that interest in me today! I’m disliking the reveal at the end with how I currently have it structured though.
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  8. Does the person sign both coins and their two signatures end up on one coin, or is it the performers signature and the audiences signature that end up on one coin?
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