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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by byu, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. I'm interested in buying Shifty by Chris Kenner, unfortunately they don't take PayPal on the Theory11 website, and that's the only way I can pay. Is there any other place I can get Chris Kenner's video of Shifty that accepts PayPal. Thanks.
  2. no, you can only purchase the video on theory11. You can find a similar trick in his book, TOOC, and in some lecture notes. (forget who right now)
  3. The trick is a completely different method in his book. In his book he just uses the SWE Shift.

    Also, to byu, I've seen your videos on youtube and no offense but I think that Shifty would be a bit too advanced for you.
  4. should be talkin man.

    @byu, dude learn wat you need to learn, just practice man, practice!

    wasted words maybe, but maybe, just maybe...
  5. Well I just don't want him to buy the trick and think he's got it and accidentally reveal it on youtube or to some friends.
  6. I am well aware that it uses a different method. I was suggesting that as an alternate source. That's why I said similar. The lecture notes i was think about are shiego futagawa's notes.
  7. Shifty can also be found in the pass book by Gary Ouellet.
  8. he wont, if he practices it enough, the move is not that hard. i first learrned it for Zenneth kok's Explosion. you can learn it from said magicians Dvd titled the zenneth Code

    On another, more calm note, why not ask your parents to pay for it via another method? Surely Paypal is not the only option?

  10. shifty is not a hard move, but it does require a lot of practice to get the smoothness and finesse down. No offense to BYU, but he has a tendency to put up videos that are lacking in the smoothness and finesse department. That doesnt mean he shouldnt purchase any and all books or tricks. The real issue is more in that he doesnt practice enough before posting. If you are reading this BYU, please dont take offense as you are doing what you should be to get better, but instead of posting videos, use your camera to analyze your technical skills and work on them, as the comments to your videos have mentioned.
  11. I think it would be better if you didn't get this as i'd prefer it if it wasn't exposed on Youtube along with your pass. Why the hell have you put up a video of your appalling pass? How can't you see that this is not appropriate? You're completely exposing it, have some respect for magic. You want some advice? Go read Erdnase instead of watching Brad Christian for 10 minutes and putting it on Youtube. You obviously have no understanding of the technique at all.

    You shouldn't be working on Shifty and passes when you can't even do a double lift. You really need to get the basics sorted which you clearly haven't. It doesn't matter if a move is invisible if it looks unnatural, this is a concept you clearly don't understand or even take into consideration.

    If you have any respect for magic then you'd take down your videos, stop trying to get people to subscribe to your channel and learn the basics well. I'd recommend looking into The Royal Road to Card Magic, Card College or Expert at the card table.

    I might sound harsh but I assure you i'm just being honest. You really have a lot to learn. Also, about the comment in your signature, how can you possibly comment on the Sleight of hand vs gimmicks argument when you don't even understand the absolute basics of sleight of hand?
  12. Byu, ripping the name off of Bboy Byu??

    Anyways, It's a good trick to just show off. But take a good amount of practice to make convincing. And a **** load to make it as smooth and pretty as CK's.

    I've also seen your vids. All I sugges tis practice a lot more. No one likes someone who puts tricks up just cause they know them.

    But anyways, idk where else you could buy it. I'd give it to you for the same price but that wouldn't work so no.

  13. sheigo fugatawa's version im much more elegant than CKs. just practice bro. dont post a video UNTIL its decent. If you need help, you can always pm meo r post the video on video, and password protect, that way you wont be exposing.

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