signed card to food can

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  1. Has anyone ever seen a signed card to sealed can of food.Like a can of corn or pea's or even dog food in which the spectator use's a can opener to open the can themselves and pull the card out?
  2. I never seen this personally but I think it's a cool idéa.
    I myself got a similiar trick (can't tell you yet still in the making).
    But a tip is to do abit of google searching and if you can't find anything it's probably havn't been done yet.

    Thanks - Markus/JokerZingo
  3. Some time ago i thought the same about Google search, but I was proved wrong. It's always a good idea to ask experienced magicians.
  4. Thanks guy's.I came up with the trick and it still need's a lot of work but it's doable.I have looked all over the internet and can't find anything like it so I thought I would ask around.Here's a look at what I came up with.http://www.
    Thanks again.
  5. i cant wait to see it but the link you gave was cut off
  6. That is awesome! So, did you have a cut started on the lid with a can opener previously? That's how I would do it.
  7. Not going to give it away but I can say that the can is totally examinable.
  8. Hi,

    do you want to know if it s original???
    If thats the case I can just say the idea and the plot is not new at all, I dont know if your method is different.
    If you want to know if the method is original, pm me and I will explain you in short how the old trick worked.
  9. Check out Carl Cloutier's cards to slim fast
  10. I think you should listen to the Magic Newswire's interview with Harry Anderson.

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