Silver Dream by Justin Miller

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  1. does anyone can talk about this dvd, especially the no sleeves version
  2. It is a neat little take on a couple of coin moves. I feel that it is a good trick to learn as a beginner in coin magic (that being said, it means that you are well versed with your sleights and are able to try out new things). The no sleeves version does use a gimmick though, but people who prefer not to use sleights might like it. All and all, I think it is a good place to learn how to apply the things that are taught in Bobo's Coin Magic.
  3. I don't think it's good for a beginner. Just my opinion. It's cool though, so check it out.
  4. Silver Dream is absolutely not for beginner. Especially if you are not familiar with sleeving. I made this mistake 3 years ago, but hey at least now I can do it after long winter and summer of hard work.
  5. The no sleeves version is significantly inferior to the sleeved version, and it requires a gimmick. I'd just take the time to wear a sleeved shirt, but yes, this is not coin magic for a beginner
  6. there are no, no sleeve version, as I recall from the dvd (its been 3 years since I watch it). There's gimmick and non gimmick version. the non gimmick version uses a lot of sleeve, and the gimmick uses fewer sleeving.
  7. What do you mean it isn't good for beginner? I have only been working with coins for a couple of months now, and I am able to pull this one off. As I stated before, as long as you have the sleights down, you should be good.
  8. But then again, I spend way too much time on stuff like this... So it is very possible that my opinion is ruined by hard work and the drive not to give up... They might be right on this one =P
  9. Doing a trick and doing it well are not same. Saying you can pull it off is not the best.
  10. I dont know but im terrible at coin magic and i love silver dream, is like the only routine i can perform with coins
  11. Strong words for a guy that has never seen me do the trick. You are more than welcome to fly out here and watch the crowds go wild as I make a dream, into reality by slowly, and meticulously vanishing one coin after another.
  12. lol. Anyway.

    On Silver Dream - I think it's a perfectly good trick, but you can get more value for money elsewhere in coin magic. It's a decent intro to sleeving, and a good trick, and it does what it says it does, but at the end of the day, it's a 3fly routine, the coin equivalent of an ACR.
  13. Nah, it's a different sleeving technique. Unless I'm wrong, he goes over all of that in the video.
  14. You are right, he does a kind of a "snap" sleeve variant that can only be justified by the video.
  15. I'm wondering why Prae would regard it as 3-fly ishnes.
  16. Honest opinion, if you're looking to do the gimmicked/ no sleeves version of silver dreams, you may as well go with CoinTwo or one of Chris Korn's DVD's.

    I'm not even sure why Miller put that version cause it's not that great compared to the original handling of SD.
  17. coin two, i forgot that i have it ! shame on me, it's a so great routine, and the dvd has the best production i ever saw
    thanks cyril to suggest me coin two

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