Simple and direct card magic?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by fridoliina, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Hello!

    Im looking for some new dvds or books on card magic and i need some guidance,

    What im looking for is some direct card magic, what i mean with direct card magic i mean tricks in the style of ACR routines, the biddle trick, two card transpo, angle zero. Just some simple hard hitting magic without any fancy stuff.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?
  2. you can check out some more dan and dave stuff or chad neslon or syd segal or just a whole bunch of books at hope that helped
  3. Look into some older stuff, Vernon or Harry Lorayne books are exceptional for the more classical style of direct magic of the ACR/Biddle sort.
  4. Direct but definetly not simple - Look for Brian Tudor - Generation (E)Xtreme
  5. Paul Harris
    David Harkey
    Tommy Wonder
    Juan Tamariz
  6. For really quick and direct card magic I use this

    Just play around with the patter and find a way to make it work for you...

    This CAN get amazing reactions if you play it right...

    P.S. if you don't know the way he has her pick a card (with the riffle). It's shown on the 1on1 by Dan and Dave called Commercial...

    Hope this helped...
  7. hmm... isnt dan and daves method of riffle forcing different from blaines?
  8. Well...

    David Blaine uses two different methods of that force... He uses one with a slightly gimmicked card...and then an impromptu one (like in the video)...
    The two forces are interchangeable.. the only difference is one is gimmicked and the other is impromptu...No spectator has ever said anything about the impromptu one...I perform this one regularly and it seems completely fair and it's extremely disarming...

    I own the trilogy and in Hofzzy Osbourne they teach the same force as in commercial..

    So you can accomplish the exact same effect as in the video with either force...
    but i recommend the impromptu force..

    Just an opinion....;)
  9. A series that take a lot of practice (I suppose like any, but with an emphasis on it) is Card College. You can pick up Vol. 1 at Amazon for under 30 dollars but it really hammers home the core strategies used for card handling, all the while teaching your tricks that use the techniques you are learning. It's very well written and illustrated.
  10. Thank you guys for the recommendations! :)

    I was just wondering, what do you guys thing about Aaron Fishers the paper engine?
  11. The Paper Engine is a great book with good thinking as well as beautiful sleights. The thing to take note of in The Paper Engine is how he constructs the sleights and routines. There's very good work on the Gravity Half-Pass (working on it for months now, it's getting there..), as well as a lot of other sleights. His Palm Replacement Subtlety and Diminishing Lift sequence were also highlights for me. First half of the book is dedicated to sleights, with the occasional routine to get you used to them, then the latter half is routines. Sean_Raf has a review up in the forums :)
  12. hmmm there IS another method that seems like the gimmicked version but its impromtu. Required outjogging a card or two if you get my drift.

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