Simple question; "Red or blue?".

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Red or Blue?

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  1. Red!

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  2. Blue!

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  1. This is a stupid question, but I'm really curious and wanted to throw it out there and get a discussion going. I couldn't find anything about this on the internet, so logic dictates "ask the magic community!".

    I'm going to the gym with a friend in a few hours, and planned on performing Angle z, should the opportunity arise, the ten of diamonds being my force card.
    My deck is Chris Ramsays Momento Mori, because it matches my shirt, and so I thought it would be cool to put a ten of diamonds from a Bicycle deck in my shoe as a prediction afterwards.

    Problem is I also want to ask the spectator "Red or blue?", before taking it out of my shoe and it would be amazing if I got lucky and it's their color.

    So here's my question, short and simple because this post became way longer than it needs to be,

    Are people more likely to say red, or blue, when given the choice?

    I appreciate your input!♤
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  2. A lot of people will say blue but that's going to be affected by a lot of factors. Why not put a blue in your left shoe, and a red in your right shoe?
  3. This is a very tuff question to ask but I will help out as much as I can. One is if you know his favorite color if it is red or blue. If you don’t know think of what color he prefers. If none of these work, put on red in one shoe and one blue in the other if he says red take out the red if he says blue take out the blue.
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  4. I didn't think about that actually...
    See, this is why I need input from other magicians, I tend to miss the simple things haha.
    But I do think the question is still important, as again I didn't find anything about this, so hopefully it helps someone. Thank you for the response!♤
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  5. I did a lot of tricks with the same idea and then one day I thought wait a minute, why not put one card in this place and a different card in another place. Most of the time when I give the spectator a choice.
  6. In my opinion I think it's better if you leave out the prediction part. The trick is already good by itself, and I don't see much point of having a second card as a prediction.
  7. I don't think the shoe is a good idea for the red or blue prediction, he might want to see the other shoe... I think a himber wallet would be a bit better I think it cancels out the "what about the other shoe" thought
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  8. I was also thinking that, hence why my main plan was one card, in one shoe, and just hope majority vote is the right color guess.♤
  9. Why would they want to see the other shoe? That seems like magician's thinking to me.
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  10. Worst case you put a red one in your shoe and a blue one in your inside jacket pocket... or other place.
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  11. I don't do Angle Z, although it sounds awesome. But I have long been intrigued with the "card to impossible place" kind of effect. It started when I was performing on a cruise ship back in 1996. This girl was kind of busting my chops during an Ambitious Card routine. There were about 20 people watching. At one point, she held her hand out demandingly, and said, "That wasn't my card you put in the middle, Mr. Magician, let me see those cards!" GULP! I don't know where the sudden inspiration came from, but I looked at her and smiled, and said, "Sure," as I casually palmed her signed card from the top and handed her the deck. As she gleefully began to examine it, I got the card into the side pocket of her jacket. Not finding her card anywhere, she exclaimed, "You made my card disappear!" I casually replied, "That's what I do." By this time I had edged about 6 feet away from her, and said, "Have you checked your pocket by any chance?" What followed was one of the greatest reactions I ever got in all my years in magic.

    So, if you want to blow away your friends, family or whomever, try getting the card into their pocket or purse. This is easily accomplished if they have taken their jacket off or set down their purse. An easier way to do it than what I described, and that doesn't require a signed card, is to plant a card on them in advance (or if not possible, somewhere like the freezer or under them as they go to sit, or whatever creative idea you an come up with at the time). Then force the duplicate of the planted card. Get it to top or bottom and palm it off, dropping your hand casually to your side and handing them the deck with the other hand. Ask them to look though the deck for their card and when they see it, to concentrate on it, and you will read their mind. You will have all the time in the world to clean up by casually pocketing the palmed card as they look through the deck in vain. Then you'll have two great effects: a vanish, and the reappearance in the "impossible place."
  12. Not really if the person turns out to be a heckler...
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  13. True hecklers are rare. What most magicians call hecklers are created by the performance and is just a response from the audience member to what they are perceiving is the point of the performance - to catch the magician's method. Don't set up the performance to be a challenge (I know something you don't know, you can't catch me, etc) and those situations cease to occur.
  14. Between the two, I'd choose red because it looks more common and natural, and therefore the tricks look more like magic than skilled deception. It sounds weird, but it's normal psychology; you expect to know about what you've seen in your daily life; meanwhile, you will get suspicious if it's something new.
    But I would rather get both, thus opening the pathway for really visual prediction tricks, colour changes and mentalism tricks.
  15. I'd choose blue.
    Because although people usually go for red when asked to choose a colour (proven by science) they go for blue after thinking a bit about it...because in their mind, suddenly red seems too obvious.
    And the thing is, when making such choices in situations like you mentioned, people usually avoid their personal favourite because again, in their minds, it seems too obvious.

    However, as someone here pointed out...why do you need to put out that choice? Doesn't it seem like over-proving or something?
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  16. A shoe is not a very usual place to hide a prediction, unless it was the main point of the presentation all along. Therefore, people will be suspicious as it is...I mean, the prediction could have been in his pocket and it would have still looked amazing !
    So if there's a possibility of multiple-outs, I am sure, maybe not EVERY TIME, but some times, he may be asked to show the other shoe. And tbh...if that happens even once, I feel, it is bad enough (IF he is performing for his friends or something, where word can spread...or else, I guess it'll be fine).
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  17. And how many laymen think in terms of multiple outs, that aren't essentially being told about them by bad presentations?

    A shoe isn't a normal place to put a card - why would someone put a card in both shoes?

    If someone is asking the performer if there's cards in other places, that performer has failed to intrigue the audience.
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  18. Or maybe because multiple-outs is a solution used in too many common-place pranks everyone plays on friends?

    One would be surprised to see how many people suspect trick cards or coins these days, even when the best of performers perform for them...thinking abt multiple outs as a solution is one of the natural conclusions to most mind-reading tricks, to be honest.
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  19. Hmmm.

  20. Actually I think it is likely that a friend would want to see the other shoe regardless of performer ability. Not 100 percent likely, but more likely than if you performed it for a stranger.

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