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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by john carey, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    Here is a brief write up of my slow motion collectors which appeared on the magic from the session dvd recently.

    Hope you like it.

    Have 3 cards selected and controlled to positions 5,6and 7 from top. I use an overhand shuffle control for this.

    Ask spectator to pick up face up aces from table as you begin to spread face down deck. As you do this, cull 5th card(1st selection) under spread and continue to spread till you reach center where you have face up aces returned, at the same time loading 1st selection between the uppermost 2 aces.

    Pause, and begin to spread cards again and cull the card now 5th (2nd selection) under spread until you get to face up aces. Reveal that a card has appeared between aces and then begin to close spread at the same time loading culled card between 2nd and 3rd aces.

    Repeat the above handling for the 3rd selection and reveal the 3 captured cards are the selections

    Have fun!

  2. nice done, its cool :p
  3. Cheers

    You sure don't mind sharing your routines

    Thats a nice one
  4. I love it. Simple as that.
  5. Nice job, John. Great simplicity in method, and easy to understand effect. For another very different handling of the same effect (although away from the deck), Alex Elmsley has a version in Pabular.

    Once again, thanks for sharing this handling.

  6. Cheers fellas

    Thanks for the nice comments re slo mo collectors.

    A nice alternative finish as you cull the 3rd selection is to injog the first face up ace slightly as you reveal the 2nd card has appeared in between the aces.

    Load the 3rd culled card then as you square up get a break above the injogged ace.

    Pause and then do a shift to effect the aces rising visually to the top.

    Spread off aces and reveal collection.


  7. John, excellent idea! A guy by the name of Gary Plants who is one of the top Card men around has a similar handling. I am not sure if you have heard of him, but he is outstanding with a deck of cards. He now lives in Texas, and makes Gaff Cards on the side. He is a science teacher at a high school there. Look up "THE CARD PLANT" or google it He was featured in Magic Magazine a few years back.

    nice job though!
  8. Check out Alex Elmsely's One at Time Collectors ( its different, but very similar )

    Pabular magazine ( sold as CD-Rom at Maritn Breese's website ). I think its in his Complete Works as well, though I don't have it.

    Thanks for the effect,

  9. wow

    great, i love it
  10. I was thinking of buying The Session 2007. Looks like it has alot of good material.
  11. Wait, how do we know you're really john carey?
  12. He is, because he also posted the trick in the cafe.

    As for Session 2007, there are few items that is worth considering, Robert Moreland's, Allan Ackerman's and Jon Armostrong. I didn't like the rest of material. For example, the above trick, I find it confusing to spread, showing a sandwich, close, then spread again, and again. With all the cards in view, appreciating a sandwich between the aces is difficult, for my tastes at least.

    There are 4 of kind productions and other stuff, but I think the contributors held off their "A list" material. Anyways, my opinions and yours might differ.

    John Carey is a creator of wonderful magic by the way, heard alot of good stuff about his lectures too.

  13. Have to agree on that one.

    Robbie Moreland's Elevator is awesome, Allan Ackerman's Maxi Twist feels very polished and Jon Armstrong's Sandwich effect does the job as well. All great but the rest of the stuff is a bit "show me something!".

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