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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Blackjack, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Well I understand your point, but the vast majority of card effects that I've ever seen do not rely in any way on hand size. OK, if you want to palm cards there is a bit of an issue, but there's oodles of great magic out there which is accessible without worrying about hand size.

    As far as I've seen, hand size becomes an "issue" when you are going for big old flourishes/XCM or palming. If you assess yourself as a beginner, then I would recommend sticking to stuff that does not require these kinds of techniques for a bit; you will end up a better magician for it.

    Oh and for the record...I work on my double lift technique every is one of the most difficult sleights in card magic because it has to be done under such close scrutiny, often many times in the same performance. Not to mention the fact that DLs have been so widely exposed...
  2. Thanks, all i can do is take your advise and use it. i've only been on theory 11 for a short period and i've already recieved loads of helpful tips like the one you've just given me, so i'll be putting all of these into practice without a doubt. and i've learnt a lot of things that i didn't really know before, for example what you just said about double lifts, i knew they was important ofcourse but i didnt realise it was so intensly worked on as everytime i've seen it it's been so perfectly done.

    I guess I just need to pace myself as you said, stick with simple tricks that are in my reach untill eventually my skills improve and i can do more difficult tricks
  3. I wouldn't necessarily say "simple". One of my favourite card effects is John Guastaferro's "Jazz Fusion". The method is quite involved - lots of moves, and your handling needs to be very smooth because of the repetitive nature of the first phase. It's not a simple trick, but is is a really strong effect. My point is that hand size is irrelevant for this effect.

    So, all I'm saying is that it's great to be ambitious - that's how you improve and take your magic to the next level. But don't let something like hand size....or the frikkin' pass...slow you down. When you get a block up in front, go sideways.

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