Smoke and Mirrors - Edition Question

Sep 22, 2007
I was totally looking forward to them. They look awesome just one problem there and extremely limited quantity first edition meaning that im scared that i'll by a brick and then the second editions will come out and feel a lot better just like the Guardians did. Can one of the artist tell me if there will be a quality upgrade or not? Because i would love to buy but i just don't want to spend sixty bucks then see a new higher quality edition come out when the extremely limited quantity first edition runs out. Sorry about bad punctuation in a rush.

Thanks Adam
Nov 29, 2007
Atlanta, GA
Not really much you can do then. Either take a chance, or wait. I went ahead and picked up one of each, it shouldn't take too long before people start putting up reviews. I think buying a brick of cards before you have even felt them is a bit much though...I would just play it safe and pick up a few decks if I was you.
Apr 30, 2008
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Doesn't matter much~ the finish looks like paradiise, but the backs are a little ~ I do hope they'll release a second edition, at least with a design upgrade. In my opinion they can use the arrco streamlines design as a reference, that would look awsome under the pen of Scott
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