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  1. This is my first in-depth review so don't criticize:). And I know that there's already a review of this, but I want to make my own. It comes with a gimmick, a charger, refills, and a DVD.

    Price: At $50 dollars, the price of this trick might lean a little more towards the expensive side, but don't let this dissuade you, because it is totally worth the money!

    Gimmick: The gimmick is very clever. Its something you've most likely heard about before, but would never think to use it for this. The gimmick is inserted into a normal-looking item, and allows you to load smoke (actually water vapour) into your mouth at any time during a performance. The only thing I don't like about it is that it needs to be charged because its electric, which really doesn't matter too much as long as you don't just sit and play with the gimmick and not even perform with like I sometimes do (its really addicting to play with!). It also needs refills, and I'm on my last one. I'm pretty sure if you purchased it from theory11 like I did then you can get refills for $20 though. I love this gimmick though! 9.5/10

    DVD: The production value, being from Theory11, is of course great. Everything is well-filmed. Dan White teaches and performs on the DVD. The beggining has a few performances of the trick "Portal", then gets into the explenation. It shows you how to set up the gimmick and charge it, but interestingly enough, not how to use it. It doesn't really matter though, because its pretty self-explanitory. He shows you then how to perform Portal. After portal, it goes into a segment where Dan shows you some ideas that you can use with the gimmick, but doesn't go into very much detail. I think that the teaching and DVD overall is a bit lacking, and could have alot more to it. If there had been more it then I would be happier, but I don't really mind. 8/10

    Overall Rating: I love this effect, and perform using this gimmick daily. I would definently reccomend it to anyone who would like to add to their pre-existing magic effects. Overall I give it a 9.5/10

    Thanks for reading my review:)
  2. So can u make the refill easily
  3. No, its hard to explain without exposing but you cant.
  4. It's best to just order it from Theory11, that way you avoid screwing it up.
  5. I need to know if the "refill" contains any nicotine or if it is custom manufactured to only contain the vapor.
  6. Theory11 says it's completely safe, so I think its safe to say it doesn't contain any nicotine. They say the smoke you produce is not real smoke, just vapour.
  7. I know what the gimmick is but I need to know for certain if they custom manufacture the refills.
  8. No way - we went to great lengths to ensure every aspect of the Smoke gimmick to be as safe as possible, including use of a specific factory at three times (literally) the cost of the original prototypes. Safety was the number one priority from top to bottom, with strict instruction for every set sold to be produced on separate, sterile machinery away from any trace of nicotine. The refill units sold at theory11 are the exact same as the units included with purchase of the gimmick - you literally get everything except the DVD.
  9. Pretty impressive, I have to say. Just got mine today and been experimenting all day long with it. Incredible idea, incredible product, and an incredible ethical standard has made this a VERY happy purchase. Smoke is a great example of a company focused on quality, not quantity. Really, very impressed.

    || sean ||
  10. I need the gimmick only...

    is it possible for me to et the gimmick only? my cousin that bought the dvd gave it to me but the gimmick doesnt work anymore he said it got soaked... can i purchase the gimmick without having to pay the whole 50 dollars??????
  11. Yes! Just submit a ticket and you'll be getting the gimmick soon... I think for 20 bucks or so
  12. I remembered this trick played by someone magician in my country. It can be used to make some "Stop Smoking Campaign". He take a normal paper then curl it up like cigaret while said "I could smoke without cigaret", then smoke come out from his mouth :)

    Anyway this trick is so inspiring. Hope someone have the solution about the common issues. :)
  13. Am i able to buy refills from theory11 if i bought the gimmick and dvd from another place
  14. Yup, just submit a support ticket here
  15. Hi there i would like to know the price of the refills. I also want to ask you if the smoke that i put in my mouths is completely safe because i don't want to have any problems with the smoke. Thank you.

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