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  1. that I am going to focus on XCM for the next few months. I know some basic cuts and random little things but I really want to make my XCM good. I know stuff like sybil and some dan and dave stuff but i never really perfected it. So today I redownloaded Daniel Madison's Motion because I got a new computer and from today I am going to try and get these flourishes DOWN. Today is my first day of serious XCM. If you have any suggestions or tips I can use please pm me or just leave a comment.


    Justin Way
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    Here are some tips:
    -Practise slowly as possible if you are going through one of the most difficult flourishes (ex. Motion by Daniel Madison)
    -You will be frustrated if you can't get it correct. Practise is the key
    -Make sure your hands are well state of being
    -Listen to your favourite music while practising.

    There are more tips if you check this out. Other Practise Tips

    I wish you good luck on your cardistry.
  3. I have been working on some of the same stuff. I have kind of taken a break from my magic focus and more on my ability to handle cards. I have been using a couple of DVD's for help and if anyone else has suggestions, I would greatly take them.

    Xtreme Beginners Vol. 1 and 2

    I have also heard that Genesis should be a real killer, so I am holding out to see what that has in store. Is there anything else that someone could look at???
  4. Brian Tudor has some excellent sources.

    Brian Tudor Showoff Volume I and II
    Brian Tudor Generation Extreme (if you are a fan of one handed cuts); it would look great on your one handed sequences (or both hands).

    You should check out Dan and Dave Buck The System.

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